Friday, December 6, 2013


Chicken pox is a contagious disease which spreads through air. A person who is infected with chickenpox disease gets skin rashes,red bubbles or fluid-filled blisters with itching and fever. This infection will leave the body in 6-10 days span of time without any medication. The name chicken pox is derived from chicken peas because the bubble rashes will resemble chicken peas.Chicken pox is severe in adult male when compared to women and children. Varicella Zoster Virus(VZV) is the primary cause for chickenpox infection. VZV will stay in the affected body for one month but infectional symptoms will trouble for 6- 10 days only. These type of infections would spread in the months of March & April. In some places it is called Spring fever.

Cultural belief :
In Hinduism, it is believed that Goddess will enter the body and stay for 7 days and leave the body, due to the fury of the Hindu goddess, these infections occur. Medication is treated as severe offense against god. Only treatment is, not to offend god and keep her happy to leave the body.Goddess is considered furious and kind hearted and ability to make infection severe or suppress the severity. Goddess carry a silver broom stick in right hand symbolizes spreading disease, water pot in left hand symbolizes recovering victims with cool water from river ganges, wears a red saree which resembles fear and protection, decorated with garland of neem leaves considered as remedy for infection and rides a donkey is the symbol of determination or stubbornness.

According to ancient texts(Devi Mahatyam) - A demon called Jwarasura spreads bacteria and makes people sick leading to death. To kill the demon, Goddess Parvathi had taken the form of Katyayani and killed the demon and accepted the sickness in affected people into her. Hence, she is called Raktavathi(Goddess of blood infections) because she purified the blood in affected people. She is also called Goddess Kalaratri who rides on donkey at nights and considered as angry form of Goddess Shakti. 

Interesting Facts:
  • Worship and litting lamps should be avoided.
  • Neem leaves or margosa leaves should spread throughout houses especially at entrance and around the patient bed.
  • A mug of water should be kept near to the head of patient. 
  • Body bath and eating fried food should be avoided for 7 days.
  • Vasanta Navaratri festivals were celebrated in the months of March- April in India on the name of Goddess to appease her anger.

Scientific Reasons :
Worshiping and litting oil lamp in the house should be avoided in the active state of infection because smoke might cause severe itching and leads bacterial infection. Neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties which act as a cure and prevents mosquitoes and flies. Neem leaves which are tied at entrance act as a warning for guests who enters the house. Oil foods and fried foods should be avoided because the chickenpox virus will affect liver and functionality of liver will decrease and the capacity of digesting fats will also decrease in the body and while preparing oily food, smoke emits which causes itching to patient. Keeping a bowl of water near to patient bed will make patient not to go around house which leads spreading virus. Bathing makes severe itching and leads to vigorous infection. So, bathing was prohibited at the course of disease.


Arun Suresh said...
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Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for this post. Keep it up. Hope to read more post from you guys.


Ketan Vaghela said...

great thanks! I really would like to be into contact with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, 3 days earlier, I found a lil water filled small pimple like structure on my shoulder, I suddenly called up my mom, She told that it's a kind of pox, The very next day somehow i went to my hometown ie New Delhi. Medicines were prohibited, I wud have to sleep around neem leaves all around me, No salt and oily food, No non veg, somehow i managed, but trust me those days were like completely hell for me :(

Anonymous said...

Having chicken pox now.. learnt something good here..

Central Park said...

Nice Post
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Unknown said...

So my son has had it recently and I was told all of the above but also that we couldn't leave the house and that we couldn't cut hair or shave, could anyone shed some light on these theories as well please?

Sougata Paul said...

Having Chicken Pox now and this is the 7th day..... These days are like helps.... But I am following both..... Eating Medicines and Eating non-veg.... My entire bed is covered with been leaves....And using been leaves for itching.....Some are dried spots and some are still need to but i am feeling terribly pain....

Sougata Paul said...

I am eating ZOVIRAX under Doctor's Predictions

Dinesh D said...

Ya! it's true we should take care of what we eat when we get chicken pox.We should also cover our body with neem tree leaves and offer prayer to Maa Durga and lord shiva by chanting lingashtakam atleast once.

elizabeth said...

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Shinoj K K said...

Hi All,

I got chickenpox and now recovered . Let me explain how it was. It just started with just a normal head ache, body pain and fever . I just took it quite normal, but the body pain and head ache was increased in 3 days. Went to a doctor and consumed some tablets. Body pain relieved so quickly after the medicine, but next day started seeing 5 or 6 bubbles with liquid inside. I thought its just an allergy after the medicine, but the count of bubbles started increasing. Next day (After started seeing the bubbles) i got severe tiredness, fainting kind of tendencies frequently and the bubbles increased drastically. I traveled from Chennai to Kerala and went for treatment. It took 2 weeks of time to completely cure the chicken pox. We should avoid salt, oily food, non-veg etc. Most of the time Kanji + some boiled veg without sault or spicy . Right after i reached my home, my family members started taking homeo tablets for pre-causion for not to get it spread and it worked . Make sure you do it, Prevention is better than Cure. After i recovered, no one from my family got it.

No need of much fear, Just take enough rest and control food. Also put neem leaves (Veppila) in bed before sleeping. It will go as it comes..

Take Care..