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Mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by women as a symbol of their marriage. Each person makes a mangalsutra with a cord of gold or silver, they make it by stringing black beads in a thread.  

Cultural Importance:

According to the rites of Hindu culture, there are five signs of marital status of women. They are mangalsutra, Toe rings, Kumkum, bangles and a Nose ring. Mangalsutra is the most important as it means an auspicious thread or cord. Mangalya dharanam is the most important part of a Hindu marriage ceremony. The mangalya which is the Mangalsutra is strung on a yellow thread prepared by using Turmeric paste. It is tied around the bride's neck with three knots means "an auspicious thread which is knotted around the bride's neck".

Why to wear?
  • Mangalsutra symbolizes the inseparable bond between a husband and a wife. During the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom ties the mangalsutra to the neck of the bride uttering- “May you live long by wearing this sacred Mangalsutra, the reason of my life”.
  •  Married women are entitled to wear Mangalsutra throughout their life as it is believed that the practice enhances the well-being of her husband and family and cannot be shown in public.
  • Due to the mangalsutra the consciousness of the husband in the form of Shiva remains constantly awakened in the woman.
  • Mangalsutra protects the marriage from any evil. Three knots symbolize three different aspects of a married woman - the first knot represents her obedience to her husband, the second to his parents and the third represents her respect for God.
  • Mangalsutra which is considered auspicious by the married women as they wear it till their death or their husband's death.
Scientific Reason:

In the center of the mangalsutra there are two cups. The cups should be round and there should be no design on its front. This structure is associated with the Energy of Knowledge.
  • Round shape is associated with zero, that is, with the Brahman consisting of void. The ability to absorb and emit the waves of specific level as per the need of the person is more in the round shape compared to the other shapes.
  • Round shape is symbolic of Energy of Knowledge.
  • Round shape is associated with the Sattva-guna in the form of Shiva-Shakti.
  • The central point of the round shape provides waves in the form of striking Shakti (Energy) whereas the raised part is associated with Brahman in the form of Shiva.
The waves of emotions are activated in the Anahat-chakra (heart) of the woman.
  • The waves of Energy of Knowledge are attracted towards the circular figure of the voids of the cups of the mangalsutra.
  • The waves of Knowledge assimilate the waves of the woman’s emotions.
By this process the woman’s actions (karmas) become non-actions (akarmas), that is, the law of action-and-fruit is not applicable to the karmas done by the woman.


 Wearing a mangalsutra helps to reduce black energy waves there is distress like pain, giddiness, restlessness etc. mangalsutra is beaded with black beads and a thin wire of gold. The gold wire destroys the distressing vibrations present in the Universe through its Energy of the Absolute Fire element. The black color of the beads is said to absorb all negative vibrations before they can reach the bride and her family. The stringing together of the beads into one thread has its significance as well. Just as each bead contributes to making a beautiful necklace, so does the woman have to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage." Due to disintegration of the black energy attracted to the black beads, the woman is less affected by evil eye.
  • Waves of black energy associated with the Absolute Earth and Water element are attracted to the black beads of the mangalsutra. Through the black beads waves of black energy are emitted in the atmosphere.
  • Waves of the Absolute Fire Element in the Universe are attracted to the gold beads of the mangalsutra
  • A cover of these waves is generated around the body of the woman.
  • A protective sheath is generated around the woman’s body.
  • The Sun-channel (Surya-naḍi) of the woman remains in an activated state because of which the Energy Principle inherent in it is awakened.


john rose said...


Mangalsutras are important for every Indian married woman to
wear. Even those who are very poor wear threads smeared with haldi. For those
can’t afford gold mangalsutras, they should think about buying a silver
from, where many designer type silver mangalsutras for
very low cost are available.


Unknown said...
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rashmi prasanna s said...

What the hell? If only what you claim is true, then why on earth millions of Indian women,who religiously wear mangalsutra are going through a great deal of miserable stress and distress?
I personally knew few women in my social circle who are undergoing psychiatric issues..which arised only after they got married. Why didn't the so called powerful mangal sutra heal or protect them?
This article is just bullshit! Baseless claim.

rashmi prasanna s said...

What the hell? If only what you claim is true, then why on earth millions of Indian women,who religiously wear mangalsutra are going through a great deal of miserable stress and distress?
I personally knew few women in my social circle who are undergoing psychiatric issues..which arised only after they got married. Why didn't the so called powerful mangal sutra heal or protect them?
This article is just bullshit! Baseless claim.

BBC HIGH said...

madam first tell us this that do you believe in the system of marry are? just Yes or No... then basing on your answer ill reply

Anup Srivastava said...

Hi Rashmi,
Please try to get the scientific facts around it. The First thing that this thread represents is bonding. There are many moments in life which can lead to marriage issues as ex marital relationship. As this thread represent your spouse it generates a thought of retaining it. But for this point women need to believe in husband and this thread.
Second is Gold, gold enhances your immunity which is required. If women is ill then family management will go .....

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Sandeep Sar said...

Hope you Trust on GOD.If no then all these are useless for you.I also would like to know Like Mangalsutra is there anything for men to wear for well being of wife and entire family.

Anonymous said...

Just by wearing and not wearing it doesn't shows her faithfulness or protection...Have faith and trust in oneself.

Anonymous said...

And i do agree with rashmi. There are many women who inspite of being faithful to her husband couldn't get what she deserve and treated like an object. Where is then the power of mangalsutra. It is not the mangalsutra that bind husband and wife,it is the their heart and soul that binds them together.

Anonymous said...

I think Mrs.R is driving in one track. Its our Indian tradition and its being their for years and years.In foreign countries they have their wedding rings which they really follow as like our Mangalsutra...Its their tradition and they respect their tradition.
If you want tell your husband to wear Mangalsutra.
Yes, it is not the Mangalsutra that bind husband and wife, as their heart and soul binds them together.
Mrs.R, Respect your tradition instead of complaining. Don't try to be western born spoiled kid. Even foreigners respect Indian tradition and Indian womens always complaint about their livings, instead of sorting things out.

Unknown said...

Very true.. And also if the scientific reason for wearing magalsuthra is blood circulation, stress and other shit don't the men need good blood circulation and don't they have stress.. And women need good blood circulation only after marriage is that so? Create/plan something for good blood circulation of poor men also AFTER THEIR MARRIAGE.. So that they will be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.. I am sure ur Mr. Before advising others.. U first learn to respect others culture how can tell their culture as spoiled one.. If we follow that we don't become a spoiled kid we can take good in any culture and leave bad even if that was in our own culture there the bonding shows equality(rings) but here we find many married men flirting women saying that they are not married* is that correct? So men also need some identification showing that they are married so that women will be safe from that stupid flirts.. And thanks for our great advice ask ur husband to wear mamgalsutra even a women ask no men will do that that might be out of his attitude or society may laugh at him even he is willing to do so(if ur a men are u ready to do that?).. So that should become a tradition as women wear mangalsuthra... So please stop advising women that 'if u want ask ur husband to do that and all other shit'! If u can do that make it a tradition or start doing it urself by wearing a mangalsuthra or advising people around u to do that.. And no women will object that if the men are ready to accept such great change!!

shubha said...

Sandeep, yes, even for men there is a ritual and symbolic indication of being married, ie, he has to wear 6 threads of Yagnyopaveeta, ie the Janivara. Before marriage men who have had the ritual of Upanayana wear 3 layers of thread, during marriage they are 3 more, so it would be 6 strings of thread. This way men are constantly reminded of their commitment to marriage.

shubha said...

marriages are pre-determined ... before birth each person would have chosen his/her parents, siblings, life partners, sufferings, punishments according to their previous birth KARMA. We only accumulate good/bad based on current birth's karma. The relationship of marriage bonding is pre-determined to begin with (like how birth is pre-determined). We can make it better/worse based on our current birth's karma to some extent, where all these wearing mangala sutra etc., play some role. Suffering is what we had chosen for ourselves when we take birth. When we study astrology and relate to our birth charts it will be amply clear what i am saying. That is why it is popularly said "marriages are made in heaven".

shubha said...

Why is there no tradition for men to wear a mangalsutra ?

Since a woman is more sensitive than a man, black beads are used in a mangalsutra, so that she is not afflicted by the evil-eye. The mangalsutra in itself is an ornament of wifehood, and symbolises the bond of marriage. A male temperament is naturally tougher and conducive to leadership. Since a male is considered a form of Deity Shiva, the doer, he is naturally able to operate in a pre-planned manner, and hence, within his specific limitations. Thus, he is given a position of a father in ‘Karmakand’. He is not bound by an arrangement such as the mangalsutra, since basically, the position of a father means less possibility of committing adultery.

What should a man do other than wearing a mangalsutra to get the benefits of a mangalsutra ?

Reducing one’s ‘I’-ness, developing an attitude of obedience and thus creating a patriarchal system means performing the duty of a patriarch according to Dharma. This increases the feeling of unity within the family, and the entire family keeps away from such indulgence. The janeu (Sacred thread) worn by a man represents Tejtattva and reminds him about his patriarchal duties.