Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gems - Mystery hidden in Stones

Gem Stones:

A gem is defined as a stone that was dug out of the earth or deep sea and exhibit rare and miraculous qualities. It may differ in quality, color, hue, tinge and price. Totally there are 84 gems out of which nine are popular. There is no exact opinion on the origin of gemology (science related to gems). According to Ancient scripts it has originated in way back 10,000years ago.

Cultural Beliefs: 

Ancient Vedic science states that every object in the universe emits certain type of energies related to magnetic & electric waves. In our solar system earth receive different cosmic radiations from other planets. These cosmic radiation will influence all living creates on earth. The transmission of these colored rays or radiation exhibit typical properties directly proportional to heat, electricity and magnetism.

Ancient Sages developed a system to map location of planets scientifically at the time of human birth. It is known as Vedic horoscope. According to horoscope some planets will give favorable results and some give unfavorable results. These unfavorable results can be tuned by adopting different techniques. These methods broadly classified as 1) Meditation 2) Yoga 3) Prayers 4) Gemstones 5) Food.

Ancient Vedic system states that we have nine planets in those 7 are visible and 2 are invisible. These nine planets associated with nine astrological gemstones.

Sun         - Ruby
Moon      - Pearl
Mars       - Red Coral
Mercury  - Emerald
Jupiter    - Yellow Sapphire
Venus     - Diamond
Saturn     - Blue Sapphire
Rahu       - Hessonite Garnet
Ketu        - Cats Eye.

Interesting Facts:
  • Gemstones are harder when compared to normal stones.
  • Gemstones are brighter and smoother when compared to normal stones.
  • Every gemstone exhibit different color and hues.
  • Gemstones have both capabilities to give positive and negative effects.
  • Rays of gemstone controlled by an associated planet or star.
Scientific Reasons:
  • Sun is the main source of energy present in this world it transforms into different forms and distributed in five elements, nine planets etc.
  • A gemstone absorbs energy from sun rays as battery and transforms the energy into different forms depending on their properties of respective planet.
  • The Metal (Ring or locket) acts as an electric connector between stone and human body.
  • The part of the energy will be regained by the wearer with the help of the gemstone.
  • Every gemstone has power to draw energy from the planet and channelizes to the wearer's body. 
  • According to the horoscope which ever planet is weak; the person was suggested to wear respective gemstone associated with that particular planet.
  • The positive energy from gemstone will fulfill the needed quantity of that person and make him to climb success ladder quickly. For example sun rays will give vitamin-D, by eating carrots, green veggies, vitamin -A & iron deficiency can be fulfilled, likewise gemstones remove deficiencies in the influence of  a particular planet
  • Modern studies have shown that the cosmic color spectrums emitted by the planets are very similar to the color spectrum of the correspondent gemstones.
  • Like the crystals used in radio technology which transmits and receive invisible rays into sound and picture this the crystalline structure of the gemstone will attract and condense the cosmic energies and transform them for use by the human Physiology. 


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