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Muhurtham - The Auspicious time

Muhurtham is an auspicious time selected for starting or performing an important event/action in life. Muhurtham is a Hindu unit of measurement for time in the Hindu calendar. A Muhurtham equals 2 Ghadiyas or approximately 48 minutes. It is stated in Manu Samhita that eighteen nimeshas (twinklings of the eye, are one kashtha), thirty kashthas one kala, thirty kalas one Muhurtham, and as many (Muhurthams) one day and night.
It is a natural desire of every one that any of the above events or occasions in our life should be trouble free any unwanted, unpleasant or sorrowful incident should not take place during these important events or occasions.  If these events or occasions are started on a shubha Muhurtham (auspicious time), these events are completed peacefully.

Cultural Importance:
There is an ancient principal told in Ayurveda, “Ashtami Vyadhi nashini” which means that the medicine taken on the 8th day of a lunar month cures illness faster.  The reason behind this is the distance between the Moon & the earth is situated at the greatest distance on the 8th day of every month, because of which the liquid medicine remains stable in the stomach & thereby starts making effect faster & better.

Muhurtham is a tool to harmonize your forces with nature and improve your chances of success. Five elements are chosen carefully for success in any new venture, namely Vara (weekday), Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (asterism), Yoga and Karana. These elements are easily determined through the planetary positions and are explicitly listed in Ephemeris or Panchanga. In addition, for selecting a propitious moment or Muhurtham, the Ascendant and Moon must be strong, both at the time selected as well as in relation to the horoscope of the concerned individual.

Scientific Reason:
The gravitational force between the planets of the solar system make a lot of difference on the living & nonliving things on the earth.  E.g. the gravitational force between the Moon & the earth causes the high & low tides in the ocean.Thus Muhurtham is a typical combination of the planets in the sky which make a favorable effect on the human beings.

Astrology has a necessary relation with time. It deals with the effects of planetary motions including the sun and the moon. Its basic tenet is the confirmed scientific fact of the effects of radiation on all terrestrial phenomena. That the Hindus discovered it ages before is a testimony to the intelligence and accomplishments of that generation. The effect of sun’s rays on biological activity and those of the moon on psychological processes is well-established. Agricultural activities like planting, cultivation, growth, maturity and harvest are all dependent upon seasonal changes and solar radiation.

Brahma muhurtham:
Brahma muhurtham the Sun god spreads his rays just as a peacock spreading its feathers. He starts spreading his light and energy throughout the world. The light rays from the Galaxies influence the human brain. The nascent sun spreads thousand arms in the form of rays across the sky, which emit light-blue divine rays. These rays bring to life the cells and the brain. Lord Surya or the sun god is also the god of life. If the man can synchronize his senses with these rays during this hour he will be empowered with unchallengeable energy.

The sages and munis spread the power of penance, which comes out in the form of high powered electrical and magnetic charge, for the upliftment of the living creatures on the earth. If one keep awake during these hours, it is possible to benefit from this charge. The rays of this light affect the human brain positively. These rays are light-blue. The cells in the brain get activated. The rest of nature is pleasant and peaceful during this time. The mind, as has been proved also by Western science, is a powerful tool to awaken and spread electrical and magnetic charges. These uplift the individual who performs meditation and penance during this time. Your mind is working in ideal conditions and you find answers to your problems since the brain is calm. In the night, the atmosphere gets re-charged and in the early morning, the wind is charged with the beneficial rays of the moon and stars. This wind is called ‘Veeravayu’ which is greatly beneficial to us. Our minds are sharpened and inspired and our bodies are filled with a new life-force.

Interesting Facts:

A muhurtham is measured as 30 kalas which is made up of 30 kashthas which in turn is made up of 18 nimeshas (the number of twinklings of an eye is one kashtha).

Sunrise – 48mins
2nd  - 48mins
3rd – 48mins
4th – 48mins
5th – 48mins
6th – 48mins
7th – 48mins
good - except Mondays and Fridays
8th – 48mins
9th – 48mins
10th – 48mins
11th – 48mins
12th – 48mins
13th – 48mins
good - except Sundays
14th – 48mins
15th – 48mins
16th – 48mins
17th – 48mins
Ahira Budhnya
18th – 48mins
19th – 48mins
20th – 48mins
21st – 48mins
22nd – 48mins
23rd – 48mins
24th – 48mins
25th – 48mins
very good
26th – 48mins
27th – 48mins
28th – 48mins
very good
29th – 48mins
30th – 48mins

Rahu Kalam & Yamagandam (death time): 
Even though Rahu and Ketu are not physical bodies, they are sensitive points on the intersection of the ecliptic (the apparent path of motion of the Sun) by the Moon's orbit. Rahu is the northern point and Ketu is the southern point. Ancient astronomers felt that the mighty Rahu and Kethu have the strength to eat the sun, thus causing a solar eclipse. Hence it is considered inauspicious to begin any undertaking during this "Rahukaalam". Every day this Rahukaalam lasts for around 90 minutes, but the duration differs according to the length of the time between sunrises to sunset. Any activity commenced during yamaganda time invites the 'death' of the work or energies relating to that work. At this time there is ecliptic intersection of Sun & moon.

Gulika (blossoming time): Any activity in this period has positive, good and growth-oriented results; gives happiness. Activities (karma) during Gulika time leads to a positive end result. One should try and use this time for starting important activities. 

Shoolam: Heading in the shoolam direction creates a piercing and flowing away of personal energy in all areas of life and activities. To Counteract Shoolam, Avoid all journeys heading towards this direction that day ('Day' is calculated from sunrise to next sunrise.) 

Abhijit Muhurtham:
Abhijit word itself means victorious. Abhijit Muhurtham is the timing at which the event or activity initiated will make the native victorious. The Abhijit Muhuratam becomes more sacred and powerful if it is during shukla paksh, and the day that has other beneficial yogas. This Muhurtham has no dependence on Tithi, Nakshatra, Rasi or month. This Muhurtham is present on every day and its duration is around 48 minutes.
It is believed that, this Muhuratham has special blessings of Lord Vishnu. Also,  during this Muhurat only Lord shiva killed the powerful demon Tripurasura.

The Astrological aspect behind the Abhijit Muhurtham is that, this the time when the Sun locates himself in the 10th house from the lagna during that time and 10th represents the house of Karmas, and placement of the Sun means success. The reason why shastras recommend on this is because at mid-day, the Sun is located three signs (equivalent to 6 hrs.) behind the Lagna and thus will be located in the 10th house from the Lagna (each Rasi is a house with Lagna as the 1st house, the houses are counted in the zodiacal direction, 10th house represents one's karma and the success in it). Thus Sun being in the 10th house is auspicious for any activity.

This muhurat is capable of removing all the doshas prevalent at that time. It is also believe that on this muhurat Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasur who captured the three world,Aakash,Prithvi, Pataal with his immense power.

Abhijit Muhurt starts from 1 ghati(equivalent to 24 minutes) before the Local Noon Time (LNT) & remains till 24 minutes thereafter (total duration 48 minutes) for 12-hour duration of daytime. Its duration varies proportionally according to length of day because in Jyotish a day begins from sun-rise to sun set.

Example- To calculate the abhijit muhurat at any place let’s assume
Sunrise at – 0530
Sunset at -1830
Local Noon Time(LNT)=(1830+0530)/2=12hr
Abhijit Muhurat=LNT± (Sun set- Sun rise)/30
=12±(1830-0530)/30 hrs.
In the above example the length of day is 13 hrs. That is why the standard duration of abhijit muhurat changes from 48 minutes to 52(26x2) minutes.

Exceptions : This muhurat loses its beneficence on Wednesday. So avoid selecting it on Wednesday. Secondly traveling in south direction in this muhurat brings inauspicious results. Last but not least this muhurat should be used in emergencies when no other suitable times are available otherwise one may fails to harness the richness of other muhurats available on that day. It is ideal Muhurat to initiate any activity except marriage or Upnayan.


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