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Holy Bael Tree / Bilva

Holy Bael Tree:
Holy Beal or Bilwa tree (Aegle marmelos) is sacred tree and used to worship Lord Shiva. Bael tree grows in several countries especially in Asain countries like India it has highest value in religious rituals. It was used as medicine and essential food product from ancient age. Bael tree can sustain different temperatures, PH values of soil and can grow where no other tree take life. Bael fruit taste like citrus fruit. Single leaf is a combination of three or five or seven leaflets.

Cultural Beliefs:
The bael leave considered as the three eyes or trident weapon of Lord Shiva. The bael fruit sometimes referred as Shreephal and worshiped in many hindu houses.

Beal leaves offering to Lord Shiva at the time Mahashivaratri festival is considered as auspicious. Lord Venkateswara also worshipped with beal leaves during Friday. According to Swami Shivananda the beal tree can eliminate diseases caused by imbalance of wind and strengthens immunity system of the body.

According to skanda purana bael tree originated from the sweat of Goddess Lakshmi or Parvathi which was fallen on the mountain Mandra. The beal tree emits positive frequencies and eliminates negative energies in the persons who came near to the tree.

A cruel hunter ‘Gurudruh’ accidentally climbed bilwa tree near a pond to hunt animals which comes to quench their thirst by drinking water in pond. A Shiva linga was there beneath the sacred tree. And It was an auspicious day ‘Maha Shivaratri’. Without sleeping he waited the whole night on the tree and chewed bilwa leaves and dropped the leaves on shiva linga. Without any conscious effort, hunter transformed knowledgeable person and attain moksha with grace of Lord Shiva on auspicious day.

The below verses explains 8 different kinds of medicinal plants which are called as bilvas used to worship god.

Bael tree is very dearer to Goddess Mahalakshmi and offering bael leaf to Goddess Lakshmi on friday is considered as auspicious. Below versus in Sri Sooktam(Hymns of goddess Lakshmi) explains about bael tree.

Interesting Facts:
  • Beal leaf is considered as Three eyes of Lord Shiva, Trimurthi Swaroop, Three syllables of sacred sound ‘OM’.
  • The one who worship Shiva linga under the bael tree will attain salvation and reaches Lord Shiva place.
  • The one who pour water on head under bael tree will attain benefits of bathing in all sacred rivers.
  • The one who worships the bael tree with flowers will get blessings from Lord Shiva.
  • The one who lit a lamp under bael tree will attain great knowledge.
  • The one who feeds food for devotee of lord Shiva under bael tree will never get poor and attain all above benefits greater than ten million times.
  • A beal leaf can be re-used 15 times continuously by sprinkling water on leaves to offer god.
  • The front end of leaf contains nectar so it needs to face god while offering in worship.
  • According to Vastu-Sastra if a house have Beal tree in North East it bestows all kinds of wealth & remove unforeseen dangers, In East it blesses with happiness, peace and good health, In West it Blesses with health and progeny, In South it protects from troubles caused by Yama.

Scientific Reasons:
  • Beal will remove imbalance of wind and water in the body and helps in smooth bowel movement for the people suffering from constipation.
  • Bael fruit can quench excessive thirst, eliminate phlegm, cures anemia, reduces hypertension, improves memory power, acts as blood purifier and useful for diarrhea & dysentery.
  • Bael leaves has ability to cure asthma and jaundice. These leaves can purify the water.
  • Oil extracted from bael root used to cure ear related problems and has ability to kill 21 types of bacteria.
  • Bael leaves or roots or fruits posses antimicrobial properties it may be the reason it is used widely in several traditional rituals related to Lord Shiva. 
Bilwashtakam- One of Hymns of Lord Shiva which is powerful mantra explains about Bael Tree.


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