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Menstruation is a woman's monthly bleeding which is also known as a period. When you menstruate, your body is shedding the lining of the uterus menstrual blood flows from the uterus through the small opening in the cervix, and passes out of the body through the vagina. Most menstrual periods last from three to five days.

What is Menstruation?

The menstrual cycle is the female reproductive cycle that makes eggs available for fertilization. Menstruation involves the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary. Every 28 days, a woman enters ovulation, which means that she is dropping an egg from one of her ovaries into the Fallopian tube. The uterus prepares to receive a fertilized egg by lining itself with special cells, which allow the egg to fasten to the wall of the uterus. All of this dead material must be flushed from the body, which is what the menstrual flow accomplishes.

The two major female sex hormones in the body are estrogen and progesterone. They are produced in a pair of organs in the abdomen, known as the ovaries. The ovaries start producing large quantities of estrogen when a girl reaches about 12 years of age. This enables her to grow rapidly and develop into a normal young woman. The commencement of menstruation at this time heralds the reproductive phase of her life, when she can have children. The main problems relating to menstrual flow are pre-menstrual tension, painful menstruation, stoppage of menstruation, and excessive menstruation. These disorders are not uncommon.

Cultural Beliefs:

In Hinduism, menstruating women are not supposed to enter the temple or puja room in the house because they are ‘unclean’, and keep away from sacred objects in their homes. The menstruating woman is treated as “impure” or “polluted”. The impurity lasts only during the menses, and ends immediately thereafter. 
  • During their menstruation, women must leave the main house .
  • They must take rest, and do no work, should not cry, run, laugh or talk too much, should not cut her nails and not allowed to cook food and must keep separate utensils. 
  • They should not touch or plant the trees and water the plants.
  • They Should not touch the Living things.
  • They should not see a Brahmin who is having food.
  • They should not touch or offer the prayers to god even on the  fourth day of menstruation.
  • They should not sleep in the afternoon on the fourth day after having head bath.(if they sleep will get fever).
  • Do not apply oil on the fifth day of menstruation.
The reason was due to the infection at those days and for the poor living conditions prevailed then. Women had less Hemoglobin content and susceptible to fatal infections during this period. Now we have better antiseptics and other hygienic environments and appliances.

Mantra after menstruation:

ఆకూ తొక్కినా పాపం అంటు తొక్కినా పాపం 
బ్రాహ్మణుడు భోజనం చేస్తుంటే చుసిన పాపం 
కొండంత పాపం  గోరింత చేసి 
గోరింత పుణ్యం కొండంత చేసి
నేవే అన్నవు నేనే చెల్లిని 
సూర్యభగవానుడ నమస్కారములు 

Scientific Reason:

The ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced during each menstrual cycle. These hormones circulate in the blood stream, enter cells throughout the body, and affect how these cells are able to carry out their daily functions. The brain is made up of millions of cells that are sensitive to the effects of ovarian hormones and the fluctuations in these hormones during the menstrual cycle. For most women, ovarian hormones serve to support basic brain functions, including sleep and temperature control, sexual feelings, ability to reason and moods.

Women need to understand what is happening with their bodies and thus cope intelligently with these natural forces. Women live longer than men because their blood gets purified each month.
Dietary wastes are removed through feces and urine, and fat is removed through sweat.
Food is converted into seven tissues through fire - first into blood and then six kinds of flesh. At each stage some wastes are generated through metabolism. Every month a woman body purifies the blood, adjusting for any imbalances. This controls the throwing out of these wastes. This is very beneficial and makes it easier for her to be physically healthy.
The monthly hormonal-emotional cycle involves all three doshas (movement, metabolism and structure). This was supposed to take place over the new moon time. Once her flow ends, fertility would peak around full moon. This was considered the ideal time to conceive - especially since the moon represents the mind. At that time, both male and female deep impressions are optimal to pass on to a child.

Problems and remedies during menstruation:

The discomfort experienced during menstruation varies from woman to woman. Some are never bothered by their periods, while some are badly affected by unpleasant symptoms. 

These may include like pains in the vagina, feeling nauseous and unwell, sweating, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, tension, and depression. Also physical problems like Breast tenderness, Abdominal swelling, Weight gain, Swollen ankles, Feeling tired, Appetite changes or food cravings, upset stomach, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, Headaches and  migraine.

There are several things that will help relieve discomfort:
  • Try to avoid drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and cola.
  • Relaxation and massage can work wonders.
  • Exercise and staying fit can help prevent painful periods.
  • Take Supplements like Vitamin B6, Vitamin, Magnesium, Multivitamin and Minerals.
  • Drink a glass of the juice of carrot, beetroot and cucumber along with parsley.
  • Ginger is a wonder herb and has tremendous health benefits .Boil some ginger slices in water. Keep sipping this throughout the day.
  • Keep your abdomen warm. Placing a hot water bag on the stomach will help in easing the pain or a better option is to squeeze a towel in hot water and place it on the stomach.
  • Try using turmeric extract twice daily for two weeks prior to expected menstruation. Turmeric purifies, stimulates and builds blood. Turmeric is an antispasmodic to smooth muscles so it reduces digestive and menstrual cramping. It should reduce the severity of pain, if not ease them completely. Turmeric used during the menstruation cycle helps in removing stagnant blood.
  • Take half a teaspoon of Sesame seeds powder with hot water twice daily. It acts excellently in reducing spasmodic pain during menstruation in young, unmarried anemic girls.
  • The unripe papaya helps the contractions of the muscle fibers of the uterus and is thus beneficial in securing a proper menstrual flow. Papaya is especially helpful when menstruation ceases due to stress or fright in young unmarried girls.
  • Six grams of Coriander seeds should be boiled in half a liter of water. This decoction should be taken off the fire when only half the water remains. Sugar candy should be added to it and the patient should drink it when it is still warm.
  • Eating a spoon of Fenugreek seeds (Menthi) with a cup of Buttermilk helps to reduce stomach ache. 
Interesting facts:

The coincidence of the moon and women are described like this. The moon is the sub planet of the earth. While all other planets are rotating the sun, the moon is only rotating the earth. Consider the nature of women assuming the sun is the husband of the moon. The earth is the parent of the moon. This evidences the fact that a woman's heart is always centering around her parents wherever she is.

A moon becomes shinning and beautiful when it goes nearer to her husband Sun. Likewise a women is honored and respected while she is along with her husband. This is the day of full moon.
A moon becomes dark and unseen when it keeps away from the Sun. Likewise a woman loses her glory and respect when she keeps away her husband. This is the day of new moon.

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Mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by women as a symbol of their marriage. Each person makes a mangalsutra with a cord of gold or silver, they make it by stringing black beads in a thread.  

Cultural Importance:

According to the rites of Hindu culture, there are five signs of marital status of women. They are mangalsutra, Toe rings, Kumkum, bangles and a Nose ring. Mangalsutra is the most important as it means an auspicious thread or cord. Mangalya dharanam is the most important part of a Hindu marriage ceremony. The mangalya which is the Mangalsutra is strung on a yellow thread prepared by using Turmeric paste. It is tied around the bride's neck with three knots means "an auspicious thread which is knotted around the bride's neck".

Why to wear?
  • Mangalsutra symbolizes the inseparable bond between a husband and a wife. During the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom ties the mangalsutra to the neck of the bride uttering- “May you live long by wearing this sacred Mangalsutra, the reason of my life”.
  •  Married women are entitled to wear Mangalsutra throughout their life as it is believed that the practice enhances the well-being of her husband and family and cannot be shown in public.
  • Due to the mangalsutra the consciousness of the husband in the form of Shiva remains constantly awakened in the woman.
  • Mangalsutra protects the marriage from any evil. Three knots symbolize three different aspects of a married woman - the first knot represents her obedience to her husband, the second to his parents and the third represents her respect for God.
  • Mangalsutra which is considered auspicious by the married women as they wear it till their death or their husband's death.
Scientific Reason:

In the center of the mangalsutra there are two cups. The cups should be round and there should be no design on its front. This structure is associated with the Energy of Knowledge.
  • Round shape is associated with zero, that is, with the Brahman consisting of void. The ability to absorb and emit the waves of specific level as per the need of the person is more in the round shape compared to the other shapes.
  • Round shape is symbolic of Energy of Knowledge.
  • Round shape is associated with the Sattva-guna in the form of Shiva-Shakti.
  • The central point of the round shape provides waves in the form of striking Shakti (Energy) whereas the raised part is associated with Brahman in the form of Shiva.
The waves of emotions are activated in the Anahat-chakra (heart) of the woman.
  • The waves of Energy of Knowledge are attracted towards the circular figure of the voids of the cups of the mangalsutra.
  • The waves of Knowledge assimilate the waves of the woman’s emotions.
By this process the woman’s actions (karmas) become non-actions (akarmas), that is, the law of action-and-fruit is not applicable to the karmas done by the woman.


 Wearing a mangalsutra helps to reduce black energy waves there is distress like pain, giddiness, restlessness etc. mangalsutra is beaded with black beads and a thin wire of gold. The gold wire destroys the distressing vibrations present in the Universe through its Energy of the Absolute Fire element. The black color of the beads is said to absorb all negative vibrations before they can reach the bride and her family. The stringing together of the beads into one thread has its significance as well. Just as each bead contributes to making a beautiful necklace, so does the woman have to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage." Due to disintegration of the black energy attracted to the black beads, the woman is less affected by evil eye.
  • Waves of black energy associated with the Absolute Earth and Water element are attracted to the black beads of the mangalsutra. Through the black beads waves of black energy are emitted in the atmosphere.
  • Waves of the Absolute Fire Element in the Universe are attracted to the gold beads of the mangalsutra
  • A cover of these waves is generated around the body of the woman.
  • A protective sheath is generated around the woman’s body.
  • The Sun-channel (Surya-naḍi) of the woman remains in an activated state because of which the Energy Principle inherent in it is awakened.


Kalasha is an auspicious symbol of Hindu culture. It is made of brass, mud or copper. Kalasha is a Pot full of water, with 5, 7, or 11 fresh leaves of the mango tree, so that the leaves touch water in the Kalasham. The coconut is sometimes wrapped with a red cloth and red thread; the top of the coconut is kept uncovered. A sacred thread is tied around the pot.

Cultural Beliefs:
A Kalasha is an auspicious symbol of Hindu culture and is placed on all-important occasions like the traditional house warming, wedding, daily worship etc. It is believed to be a symbol of auspiciousness embodying either Ganesh, remover of obstacles, or his mother Gauri, the goddess of household Lakshmi.

As per the Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu was leaning on the snake-bed in the milky ocean. From His navel emerged a lotus from which appeared Lord Brahma (the creator). Kalasham was generated during the churning of the ocean (Samudra manthan). Lord Vishnu held Kalasham filled with amrutham during churning of the ocean. All the deities were inside the Kalasham. So Kalasham has an important place in many of the puja rituals.

During Kumba Abhishekam the water is used from kalasham as it involves purity. Also during the house warming (Gruha pravesham), weddings and some special festivals kalasham is used.

A kalasham is very much important in the Hindu rituals conducted during housewarming (Gruha Pravesham), weddings, and some special during festival occasions.

Kalasham Pooja procedure:
  • The worshipping of the kalasham is very beneficial and auspicious.
  • Kalasham has to be ready by brahma muhurtam time.
  • We have to lean forward and touch the kalasham with the palms and breathe in and breathe out.
  • Repeat the step for 3 times.
  • Now focus eyes and concentrate the mind on the kalasham and think of goals in the life.
  • The worshipping of the kalasham will create a foundation and destroys the unhappiness in the materialistic world.

 Intersting Facts:
  • In Sanskrit, "Kal" means tendency. "sha" means Lord the worship of the kalasham is worshipping of Lord Shiva himself. Kalasham represents the resist motion of body which when filled with the divine life force gains the power to do many wonderful things.Water in the Kalasham represents the entire creation came out.
  • Mango Leaves on the kalasham represent the forms of life.
  • Coconut on the Kalasham tells us that the forms of life are filled with water that represents the endless cycle (creation).
  • The thread tied is love that is bind to the creation.
  • Kalasham can be established for one, three, seven, nine, eleven days, or one month, four months, eight months.
  • One should have complete faith after the establishment of the kalasham to attain truth and prosperity.

 Scientific Reasons:
  • Kalasham is source of energy and increases the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual strengths.
  • The water which in the inside the kalasham is pure and will stay for long period of time as the divine energy will be there.
  • Coconut is put on the top so that the atmosphere principles are carried in to the water.

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Temple Bell

Temple Bell:
Temple bell is a special metal made of various metals like Copper, Bronze, lead, cadmium, nickel, zinc, manganese and chromium.these metals are mixed with proportions which is the real science underlying. Ringing bell is very auspicious.Ringing temple bell  will wake up yourself.Bell in the temples will be tied in the front of the temple Main entrance where the god idol is placed(garha gudi).The bell is well designed so that sound has to be very pleasant and soothing effect on the ears.

Cultural Beliefs:
As per the Agama Sastra, ringing bell in temples will prevent the evil spirits.
The evil spirits namely Yaksha,Paisasa, Rakshasa and Brahmarakshasah will not enter the temple.God is attracted to the sounds of the bell and mostly the bell will ring in the temple during the aarthi for god,bathing of god and offering food.The bell has symbolic meaning body represents Ananta, toungue represents Goddess Saraswathi,Handle represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi and has prana Shakti(vital principle).

Interesting facts:
  • Temple bell is known as Ghanta in sankrit.
  • After entering the temple ring the bell to awake yourself.
  • Ringing bell will distract us from the disturbances and focus attention on god.
  • In olden days temples never used to have doors , Temples were located on hills and in forest areas so animals,birds used to stay in temples for shelter,so first bells were rang to make the creatures go away from there.
  • In houses also while doing pooja, we have ro ring the bell.
  • The study of bells is known as campanology.
  • The bells are specially desdigned to produce the sounds of “AUM”.
  • Bell should be always with a handle.
Mantra for Ringing Bell:
Chant the below sloka when ringing the temple bell:

"ghantaayam tadayeth kim prayochanam
yaksha rakshasa paisasa tanava brahmarakshasah gacchanthi mani sapthah"
Meaning - “I am ringing this this bell to invoke god and to let the noble forces enter my heart and keep evil spirits away”

Scientific Reason:
  • The sound that comes when ringing the bell gives positive vibrations and enhance the spiritual experience.
  • Ringing bell will create a sound that unites the left and right brain and alert the mind.
  • The ring of the bell will produce a sharp long lasting sound that last for seven seconds that touch our seven healing chakras of the body and will be very beneficial.
  • The ring of the bell will empty all the thoughts of brain and enters into the trans state.
  • The sound of the bell makes the person spiritually boost up and to relieve the stress.
  • Raising the hand to ring the bell will make all the senses awake and vibrations enter the heart and mind.
  • Emotions will be concentrated with the eyes and fold the hand selfless.
  • The sound “AUM” when ringing the bell will go deep into the subconscious mind.
  • A(Akara) represents virat(gross Cosmic Consciousness), Hirnyagarbha ,u(Ukara) represents virat(subtle manifestation Cosmic Consciousness) M(Ishwara) represents virat(Cosmic Consciousness).

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Silver is a chemical element which is soft, white in color, smooth metal and has high electrical conductivity of any element. The silver metal is pure and is a mixture of gold and elements like argentite and chlorargyrite. Meaning of silver is shiny white. There is lot of importance for silver even in medicine. It is used as a healing tool as it has anti-disease properties.

Cultural Beliefs:
The ancients used to believe that silver is associated and favored with god as the metal is shiny and rust free. Silver has anti-microbial properties and supernatural powers.

Silver Ornaments
Metti is a silver ring(two or three lines of silver) worn by the married women in the second finger of the toe.Wearing Metti on both the feet will regularize the Menstrual cycle with even intervals.The particular nerve in the second finger from toe connects the uteruses and passes through the  heart. The constant friction caused while walking and our activities in the day revitalize the productive organs.
Anklets (Kali Gajjalu)
By wearing anklets on the feet,ones energy will be reverted back to the same own body.
Hip Belt called “Vadranam”
This is used to control women from getting fat,avoid flab in the hip part and belly.nowadays women are not using this ornament we can see the results.
Important Facts:
  • Silver coins dropped in milk bottles will keep the milk fresh as it has germicidal effects.
  • Silver kills many lower organisms without harm to higher animals.
  • Silver stores drinking water for a long period of time. Ships and airplanes water Tanks are silvered.
  • Silver Nitrate connected to septic tank will destroy the bacteria and flush with fresh bacteria.
  • Silver Nitrate is dropped on newborn babied eyes at birth to prevent shortening of gonorrhea from the mother as it has antiseptic properties.
  • Water stored in silver contains antibiotic property.

 Scientific Reasons:
  • Silver is ruled by the Moon (associated with femininity, cycles, and motherliness).
  • Silver helps in dreams and psychic abilities.
  • Silver has no side effects as it's a natural antibiotic.
  • Silver has good effect to fight with radicals that will attack the healthy cells.
  • Silver is a good conductor, it absorbs the energy from the earth and pass into the body to refresh the body.
  • Silver has a toxic effect. Its germicidal effects kill many microbial organisms like virus, fungi and bacteria
  • Silver has healing and anti-disease properties. Water, wine and vinegar stored in the silver bottles will prevent from getting spoiled.
  • Silver is used to prevent wound dressings from becoming contaminated with bacteria.
  • Silver is used in film photography .The photography is based on the light of silver halide crystals in the film.
  • Silver is a catalyst and produce two important chemicals namely ethylene oxide and formaldehyde which is used to produce plastic and polyester.
  • Silver is also used in awards.
  • Silver treatment heals bone infections and allows regeneration of the damaged tissue.