Thursday, April 12, 2012

Temple Bell

Temple Bell:
Temple bell is a special metal made of various metals like Copper, Bronze, lead, cadmium, nickel, zinc, manganese and chromium.these metals are mixed with proportions which is the real science underlying. Ringing bell is very auspicious.Ringing temple bell  will wake up yourself.Bell in the temples will be tied in the front of the temple Main entrance where the god idol is placed(garha gudi).The bell is well designed so that sound has to be very pleasant and soothing effect on the ears.

Cultural Beliefs:
As per the Agama Sastra, ringing bell in temples will prevent the evil spirits.
The evil spirits namely Yaksha,Paisasa, Rakshasa and Brahmarakshasah will not enter the temple.God is attracted to the sounds of the bell and mostly the bell will ring in the temple during the aarthi for god,bathing of god and offering food.The bell has symbolic meaning body represents Ananta, toungue represents Goddess Saraswathi,Handle represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi and has prana Shakti(vital principle).

Interesting facts:
  • Temple bell is known as Ghanta in sankrit.
  • After entering the temple ring the bell to awake yourself.
  • Ringing bell will distract us from the disturbances and focus attention on god.
  • In olden days temples never used to have doors , Temples were located on hills and in forest areas so animals,birds used to stay in temples for shelter,so first bells were rang to make the creatures go away from there.
  • In houses also while doing pooja, we have ro ring the bell.
  • The study of bells is known as campanology.
  • The bells are specially desdigned to produce the sounds of “AUM”.
  • Bell should be always with a handle.
Mantra for Ringing Bell:
Chant the below sloka when ringing the temple bell:

"ghantaayam tadayeth kim prayochanam
yaksha rakshasa paisasa tanava brahmarakshasah gacchanthi mani sapthah"
Meaning - “I am ringing this this bell to invoke god and to let the noble forces enter my heart and keep evil spirits away”

Scientific Reason:
  • The sound that comes when ringing the bell gives positive vibrations and enhance the spiritual experience.
  • Ringing bell will create a sound that unites the left and right brain and alert the mind.
  • The ring of the bell will produce a sharp long lasting sound that last for seven seconds that touch our seven healing chakras of the body and will be very beneficial.
  • The ring of the bell will empty all the thoughts of brain and enters into the trans state.
  • The sound of the bell makes the person spiritually boost up and to relieve the stress.
  • Raising the hand to ring the bell will make all the senses awake and vibrations enter the heart and mind.
  • Emotions will be concentrated with the eyes and fold the hand selfless.
  • The sound “AUM” when ringing the bell will go deep into the subconscious mind.
  • A(Akara) represents virat(gross Cosmic Consciousness), Hirnyagarbha ,u(Ukara) represents virat(subtle manifestation Cosmic Consciousness) M(Ishwara) represents virat(Cosmic Consciousness).

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