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Silver is a chemical element which is soft, white in color, smooth metal and has high electrical conductivity of any element. The silver metal is pure and is a mixture of gold and elements like argentite and chlorargyrite. Meaning of silver is shiny white. There is lot of importance for silver even in medicine. It is used as a healing tool as it has anti-disease properties.

Cultural Beliefs:
The ancients used to believe that silver is associated and favored with god as the metal is shiny and rust free. Silver has anti-microbial properties and supernatural powers.

Silver Ornaments
Metti is a silver ring(two or three lines of silver) worn by the married women in the second finger of the toe.Wearing Metti on both the feet will regularize the Menstrual cycle with even intervals.The particular nerve in the second finger from toe connects the uteruses and passes through the  heart. The constant friction caused while walking and our activities in the day revitalize the productive organs.
Anklets (Kali Gajjalu)
By wearing anklets on the feet,ones energy will be reverted back to the same own body.
Hip Belt called “Vadranam”
This is used to control women from getting fat,avoid flab in the hip part and belly.nowadays women are not using this ornament we can see the results.
Important Facts:
  • Silver coins dropped in milk bottles will keep the milk fresh as it has germicidal effects.
  • Silver kills many lower organisms without harm to higher animals.
  • Silver stores drinking water for a long period of time. Ships and airplanes water Tanks are silvered.
  • Silver Nitrate connected to septic tank will destroy the bacteria and flush with fresh bacteria.
  • Silver Nitrate is dropped on newborn babied eyes at birth to prevent shortening of gonorrhea from the mother as it has antiseptic properties.
  • Water stored in silver contains antibiotic property.

 Scientific Reasons:
  • Silver is ruled by the Moon (associated with femininity, cycles, and motherliness).
  • Silver helps in dreams and psychic abilities.
  • Silver has no side effects as it's a natural antibiotic.
  • Silver has good effect to fight with radicals that will attack the healthy cells.
  • Silver is a good conductor, it absorbs the energy from the earth and pass into the body to refresh the body.
  • Silver has a toxic effect. Its germicidal effects kill many microbial organisms like virus, fungi and bacteria
  • Silver has healing and anti-disease properties. Water, wine and vinegar stored in the silver bottles will prevent from getting spoiled.
  • Silver is used to prevent wound dressings from becoming contaminated with bacteria.
  • Silver is used in film photography .The photography is based on the light of silver halide crystals in the film.
  • Silver is a catalyst and produce two important chemicals namely ethylene oxide and formaldehyde which is used to produce plastic and polyester.
  • Silver is also used in awards.
  • Silver treatment heals bone infections and allows regeneration of the damaged tissue.


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