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The temple is a building for religious ceremony and to worship God. The temple is generally built on the outskirts of a village, in the middle of the city or on Hill Top. There are many temples in different sizes, shapes, locations but among only some of them are built in the Vedic system.

Cultural Beliefs:
Our ancients built temples not only for prayers but also for building energy where people can transform. Also after coming back from the temple people should sit for a while because the visit will be then benefited. People will get charged after visiting the temple because they are built in such a way like charging place. People should visit the temple so that they can balance and get self confidence in their lives.

The temples are built at the place where the positive energy is more from the magnetic, electric wave distributions from the north and South Pole. First the main idol is located at the center of the temple called as “Garbhagruha” or “Moolasthanam”, and then the temple structure is built. Our Elders used to offer prayers at temples.

Important Facts:
  • Sanctum (three sides closed) in the temple will increase all the energies.
  • Lamps in the temples produce heat energy and gives light in the sanctum while performing Pooja by the priests. The positive energy of the light spreads on the persons who are outside the sanctum.
  • Ringing bell and chanting mantras allow the person to concentrate on god and forget all the other problems for some time and to relieve stress.
  • Fragrance like burning camphor, incense sticks (agarbatti) gives the energy in a different way.

Scientific Reasons:
  • A person who visits temple and going near the main idol receives the magnetic waves to his body. Regular visiting the temple will give more positive energy to the body for healthy life.
  • Energy lost can be gained by visiting a temple and one gets refreshed.
  • The Main idol is placed on the copper plates that absorbs the magnetic waves from earth and radiates to the surroundings.
  • The holy water “Theertham”, water used to clean the idol consists of Cardamom, clove, camphor, saffron, Tulasi etc. will increase the magnetic radiations and medicinal values.
  • Devotees are distributing holy water as a source for magnet therapy.
  • Clove protects from tooth decay. Saffron & Tulasi are mouth fresheners.
  • Theertham is a blood purifier and energized water so it is given as prasadam in temples.
  • In some temples men are not allowed to wear shirts as this gives more positive energy.
  • Women have to wear more ornaments when visiting temple because the metals will absorb more positive energy.

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Tilak is a sign for auspiciousness. Tilak is put on the forehead with Sandal paste (Chandanam), Kumkum (red turmeric), Sindoor and Sacred Ash (Vibhuti or Bhasma).

Cultural Beliefs:
Lord Shiva has a third eye at the sixth primary chakra; if he opens the eye the world is destroyed.
The ancients used to keep Tilak on the forehead for meditating better and activating the third eye that is behind the pituitary gland.

Devotees –Tilak Type-where to apply
Lord Shiva - sacred Ash - on the forehead
Lord Vishnu -sandalwood paste- on the forehead and in between eyebrows
Goddess - red turmeric powder- between eyebrows

As per the Hindu Astrology, Mesh Rasi (Aries) is on the forehead. Aries Lord is Mars (red in color), so red turmeric has to be applied.

Why to Apply?
Tilak is used for its cooling effect. The sandal Wood paste has medicinal values along with
the spiritual influence. The sandalwood paste when (Tilak) applied at Bhrumadhya (the sixth primary chakra according to Hindu tradition) will nullify the heating effect when the individual concentrates and meditates.

Where to Apply?
Tilak has to be applied at the sixth (Ajna) chakra, i.e. the space in between the eyebrows. Always apply Tilak at sunrise for Perfect peace. There are 13 places where Tilak can be applied on the body, But it is noble when applied on forehead (sensitive paint) as the head is the extreme part of the body and the brain is the main part of the body.

How to Apply?
  • We use fingers to apply Tilak.
  • Tilak needs to be applied always with the ring-finger and with the thumb also is very beneficial.
  • Little finger base is Mercury.
  • Ring Finger base is Sun and represents brilliance, respect, faith and firmness.
  • Middle Finger base is Saturn and is lifespan protector.
  • The Index Finger Base is Jupiter and represents immortality
  • Thumb Finger base is Venus and represents health, life force
  • Kasha (unbroken rice grains) with red cancan is also used as Tilak.
  • Women should always use the ring finger while applying Tilak or Bindi.

 Tilak Benefits:
  • Tilak is a gift of spiritual comfort. Tilak protects from demons, evil forces, bad luck and it will prevent the energy loss.
  • Tilak covers the space in between the eyebrows (Aajna chakra in yoga) i.e.  is the part of memory, thinking and gives spiritual energy and concentration
  • Red turmeric retains the energy in the human body, controls the concentration and negative energies are not entered.

Scientific Reasons:
  • Small organ the pituitary gland (master gland in human body) will be at the bottom of the brain. The pituitary gland secretes and produces the hormone that travels in the body.
  • The pituitary gland controls the biochemical processes.
  • The Anjan chakra is very sensitive so direct sunlight has to be avoided. Applying Tilak will make cool.
  • Tilak makes the pituitary gland more active.
  • Applying Tilak will make the individual open his third eye i.e. the great thoughts of mind.

Peepal Tree

Peepal  Tree:
Peepal tree is very sacred. The leaves are like heart shape. The tree can purify air than other trees.

Cultural importance:
As per the puranas, the peepal tree is called as “KalpaVruksham”(fulfill all wishes) and it came from Lord Vishnu Body. Some others believe that the peepal tree represents the Trimurti i.e. roots-Brahma, trunk – Vishnu, Leaves- Shiva. The gods used to council under the tree so it is with spiritual understanding and sacred.

Two demons named Ashvattha and Peepal used to harass people. Ashvattha took peepal tree form and peepal was masked as Brahmin.The Brahmin used to tell the people to touch the tree and the people who touched the tree were killed by  Ashvattha. The demons were killed by Lord shani. so the strong influence of Lord Shani is very much safe to touch the tree on Saturday.

Women will fast and pray for peepal tree and circumambulate 108 times and ties cotton thread for each round around the tree trunk for husband’s health, Life and wellness. The cotton thread is to represent the love, trust and faith. The woman  strengthens the relationship with the husband with each step.

#The major reason couples not conceiving a child is due to the lack of energy in one’s body between the planets Jupiter and Venus. The sexual energy of the body is given life by Jupiter.
Reason: couples who are childless are asked to pray lord Ganesh and circumambulates around peepal tree which is having Jupiter and Venus energies. The couple can benefit by getting the energies into the body through the breath.

Important Facts:
  • The dried sticks are used for yagnas as this contains medicinal effects and good to inhale
  • Peepal tree is rich in protein.
  • Peepal tree barks are used in medicinal drugs.
  • Peepal tree has to be touched only on Saturday as Goddess Lakshmi resides in the tree. The strong influence of Shani Maharaja
  • A woman who desires to have son will tie a red thread to the tree trunk or branches to bless and fulfill the desire.

  • Peepal Tree releases more oxygen than that other trees so in most of the temples Peepal tree is present. The juice of the tree has an enzyme that can increase child bearing capacity.
  • In olden days the tree used to be in the center of the village so the atmosphere will be clean. The tree emits oxygen at night time too.
  • Peepal tree leaves absorb moisture from the atmosphere and regulates the hydrological cycle.
  • Peepal tree releases large quantity of Isoprene (volatile organic compound) which is needed for preventing of decreasing the ozone layer. The Tree is important for preserving ozone layer.
  • Peepal tree is antidote for pollutions like water, air and noise pollution. So it is recommended to plant the tree around water bodies. Calcium is high in the tree so it helps in the purification of water

 Medicinal uses:
  • Peepal tree has many medicinal values. The tree bark is used in inflammations and swelling of neck.
  • Root of the bark is used to clean ulcers; stomatitis and also Gum diseases can be prevented.
  • The fruit is laxative and is used for digestion and vomiting.
  • Ripe fruits cure heart diseases. Seeds of the tree cures urinary problems and leaves for constipation problem


The name "Tulasi" in Sanskrit literally means "Unmatched or Supreme one". The Tulasi plant is known as scared plant in India and grown in two varieties 1)Krishna Tulasi or Shyama Tulasi(Purple or Blue in color) 2) Rama Tulasi or Lakshmi Tulasi(White or light green in color) and it is called as Holy Basil in English

Tulasi is the most sacred plant in India. Its quality is pure in nature. Holy Tulasi opens the mind and heart and honors with energy of love and devotion. Tulasi is holy plant to Vishnu and Krishna, it bestow faith, clarity and compassion. Tulasi Beads are worn by Indian Holy men to promote attachment to God and used for chanting on to increase divine Love for the Supreme.

Cultural Beliefs:
The ancient Indians used to worship tulasi as it has many medicinal properties and is utilized effectively. Tulasi is believed to be Lord Vishnu’s Wife. Tulasi is a medicinal herb as per Ayurveda and Rig Veda.

In Skanda Purana there is a sentence about tulasi tree "My sincere prayer to tulasi tree, which can instantly suppress volumes of sinful activities. Simply by seeing or touching this tree one can become relieved from all distresses and diseases. Simply by offering obeisance’s and pouring water on the tulasi tree, one can become freed from the fear of being sent to the court of Yama raja [the King of death, who punishes the sinful].

Types of Tulasi:
The variations of soil type and rainfall will lead to difference in the plant size, medicinal values, strength and efficiency.
  • Krishna Tulasi: Krishna Tulasi leaves are of purple in color. It is used for the treatment of throat, respiratory system, cough, fever, infected wounds, ear ache, urinary disorders and skin diseases
  •  Drudriha Tulasi: IT is used to cure the injuries on hands and feet. The dryness of throat can be relived, makes it slippery and reduces stickiness.
  • Rama Tulasi: Ram Tulasi stems are of purple in color and have a strong fragrance. This is used to cure leprosy disease.
  • Babi Tulasi: Babi Tulasi is of yellow in color (stem, branches) and grows up to one or two feet long. Seeds are very small and black in color and have thick edges. The leaves has no fragrance but a tingling taste like cloves, becomes sticky when soaked in water. The aroma comes when it is dried.
  • Tukashmiya Tulasi: This is used in the treatment for disorders in throat, leprosy and acidity problems. This gives strength to weak muscles.

Scientific Reasons: 
  • Tulasi gives protection and strengthens the immune system.
  • Tulasi plant has to be in every one’s house as it purifies and absorbs negative energies, liberates zone from the sun rays.
  • Tulasi leaves cannot be chewed as it contains mercury (nontoxic), and this may damage the teeth.
  • Tulasi if taken as a whole, the mercury is very beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Tulasi plant emits ozone and oxygen and reduces the air pollution.
  • Tulasi is useful for curing cardiac disorders, controls cholesterol, diabetes and stress, relaxes muscle, Anti-microbial agent and reduces urinary infections.
  • Tulasi if taken regularly sharpens the memory.
  • Tulasi leaves are used in Ayurveda medicines.
  • Tulasi is used as dried powder, herbal tea and fresh leaves with honey.
  • Tulasi improves the resistance to fight against illness and viral diseases and help the patient to recover fast.

Medicinal uses:
  • Healing power: The leaves strengthen the stomach and sharpen memory as it contains a nervine tonic.
  • Fever: Tulasi leaves is used in mosquito repellant as this acts as an anti-stress agent
  • Malaria and dengue fever can be prevented if the tender tulasi leaves are boiled in tea (sugar and milk) or half liter of water has to be given for every 3 hrs. to reduce the temperature.
  • Common Cold: Tulasi is mostly used in many cough helps in curing asthma.
  • Sore Throat: Water mixed with tulasi leaves has to boiled and taken as drink or the water can be used to gargle.
  • Respiratory disorder: Tulasi leaves decoction with honey and ginger is the best medicine for asthma, cough and cold. Tulasi leaves decoction along with cloves and rock salt has to be used for influenza.
  • Kidney Stone: Tulasi leaves juice with honey if taken for 6months regularly, cures the urinary tract problem
  • Children’s ailments: problems like cough cold, fever, vomiting and diarrhea can be cured by taking Tulasi leaves juice. chicken pox pustules can be cured if tulasi leaves mixed with saffron and apply.
  • Stress: Tulasi Leaves purifies blood and helps in preventing common elements.
  • Mouth infections: ulcer and infections can be cured by chewing tulasi leaves.
  • Insect Bites: Tulasi Leaves juice can be applied to the insect bites. Dried Tulasi leaves mixed with grains can repel insets.
  • Skin disorders: Tulasi Leave juice is used in the ringworm treatment and skin diseases. Also leucoderma can be cured.
  • Eye disorders: Black Tulasi Leaves can cure sore eyes, night-blindness.
  • Teeth disorder: Tulasi Leaves dried mixed with mustard oil can be used for brushing teeth and is good for acting against bad breath.
  • Headaches: Tulasi leaves mixed with sandalwood paste has to apply for forehead to cure head ache and provide cooling effect.

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Dristhi - The Evil Eye

Dristhi (Evil Eye)
The drishti is caused by the negative and evil thoughts that are directed towards us by other people. When people are jealous at our growth in life, at our prosperity, our good looks etc., they do not have to physically abuse, but their subconscious mind which has those thoughts radiates the negativity towards us.

Drishti results in:
1. Uneasiness
2. Lack of interest
3. Sudden illness
4. Prolonged illness (without any reason).

Reason for Dristhi:
The life force or the Prana, flows around us in the form of aura. There are four layers of aura that flows around our body; they are Physical aura, mental aura, emotional aura and spiritual aura. When the flow is blocked, disturbed or restricted by the negative energy, it causes ill-effects. This aura can be disturbed by the acceptance of the negative emotions and thoughts whether consciously or unconsciously. Our body is believed to be resting 7 main chakras which are positioned along the central line of the back and front of our body. This chakra spins and swirls with the energy that flows around us. This chakra creates a flow of energy between our physical, emotional and spiritual levels. When certain part of the body is ill or any organ dysfunction, it is because the chakra in that particular position is affected by the negative flow of energy.

When people direct their negative thought patterns to us, invariably our physical aura attracts that negative energy and starts to attract negative happenings in our life.

Drishti Remedies:
There are many types of Drishti. Each one has their own remedy.

Drishti Type
Negativity around the person, new automobiles
Take rock salt or pumpkin or Burn camphor or Red Chilies and rotate anticlockwise and clockwise thrice around the person, family or automobile.
Distress by enemies, A person possessed by an evil spirit and horoscope planets.
keep Lord Narasimha's photo in your house entrance and workplace
Destroy evil eye on your House
A portrait of Kandhrishti Ganapathy has to be hung at the entrance of your house. Also Tie lemon with red cillies and hang in front of the house.The below mantra can be chanted 16 times daily.
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Gloum
Gum Ganapathaye Vaaranamukhe
Sarvaarishtaan Vaaraya Vaaraya Om Svaahaa          
Evil eye on the infant
wear black spots on their cheeks

When to perform Drishti?
Drishiti can be done on Thursdays, Sunday, on Pournami and Amavasya day.
Regularly performing these remedies can help the person to cast away his/her negative energy, which could not only be the cause of others evil thoughts but one’s own train of negative thoughts.

Who to perform Drishti?
Only an elder person can do the Dhristi parhara for a younger person and not the vice versa.
During the time of pregnancy, the lady is not supposed to see this performance, since her energy will be more susceptible to the environment and she could attract negativity that is thrown away by others energy.
After the procedure, the dristi remover should wash her legs and hands before entering the home.

Drishti Process:
Salt can be considered as the first antibiotic it would less affect the magnetic field.
some fruits like lemon,  pumpkin  and coconut have the capacity to absorb negative energy.The salt and lemon when revolved around, it would kill all the bacteria around the person. It forms an aura layer of antibiotics around the person.

Take a palmful of rocksalt, do an anticlockwise and clockwise full round head to toe for 3 times before the person for whom drishti is to be removed.Pour the salt in nearby fire place or where no one goes.
Take a lemon do an anticlockwise and clockwise full round head to toe for 3 times before the persons for whom drishti is to be removed.
The dristi remover should take the lemon outside and should smash the lemon in the two pieces with her left leg and one piece should be put to her left and other should be put to her right.
Also broom stick can be used to do this process.
A small portion has to be cut and put some coins and apply sindhur. Place camphor over the melon and light it. Then rotate around the person or the whole family, clock wise and anticlockwise for about 3 or 21 times. Also coconut can be used in the same way.
Red Chilies
The mixture of crystal salt, pepper seeds and red chili is taken and rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise before the person and ask them spit in the mixture, and then thrown into the fire.