Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peepal Tree

Peepal  Tree:
Peepal tree is very sacred. The leaves are like heart shape. The tree can purify air than other trees.

Cultural importance:
As per the puranas, the peepal tree is called as “KalpaVruksham”(fulfill all wishes) and it came from Lord Vishnu Body. Some others believe that the peepal tree represents the Trimurti i.e. roots-Brahma, trunk – Vishnu, Leaves- Shiva. The gods used to council under the tree so it is with spiritual understanding and sacred.

Two demons named Ashvattha and Peepal used to harass people. Ashvattha took peepal tree form and peepal was masked as Brahmin.The Brahmin used to tell the people to touch the tree and the people who touched the tree were killed by  Ashvattha. The demons were killed by Lord shani. so the strong influence of Lord Shani is very much safe to touch the tree on Saturday.

Women will fast and pray for peepal tree and circumambulate 108 times and ties cotton thread for each round around the tree trunk for husband’s health, Life and wellness. The cotton thread is to represent the love, trust and faith. The woman  strengthens the relationship with the husband with each step.

#The major reason couples not conceiving a child is due to the lack of energy in one’s body between the planets Jupiter and Venus. The sexual energy of the body is given life by Jupiter.
Reason: couples who are childless are asked to pray lord Ganesh and circumambulates around peepal tree which is having Jupiter and Venus energies. The couple can benefit by getting the energies into the body through the breath.

Important Facts:
  • The dried sticks are used for yagnas as this contains medicinal effects and good to inhale
  • Peepal tree is rich in protein.
  • Peepal tree barks are used in medicinal drugs.
  • Peepal tree has to be touched only on Saturday as Goddess Lakshmi resides in the tree. The strong influence of Shani Maharaja
  • A woman who desires to have son will tie a red thread to the tree trunk or branches to bless and fulfill the desire.

  • Peepal Tree releases more oxygen than that other trees so in most of the temples Peepal tree is present. The juice of the tree has an enzyme that can increase child bearing capacity.
  • In olden days the tree used to be in the center of the village so the atmosphere will be clean. The tree emits oxygen at night time too.
  • Peepal tree leaves absorb moisture from the atmosphere and regulates the hydrological cycle.
  • Peepal tree releases large quantity of Isoprene (volatile organic compound) which is needed for preventing of decreasing the ozone layer. The Tree is important for preserving ozone layer.
  • Peepal tree is antidote for pollutions like water, air and noise pollution. So it is recommended to plant the tree around water bodies. Calcium is high in the tree so it helps in the purification of water

 Medicinal uses:
  • Peepal tree has many medicinal values. The tree bark is used in inflammations and swelling of neck.
  • Root of the bark is used to clean ulcers; stomatitis and also Gum diseases can be prevented.
  • The fruit is laxative and is used for digestion and vomiting.
  • Ripe fruits cure heart diseases. Seeds of the tree cures urinary problems and leaves for constipation problem


Unknown said...

Could you please mention the reasons for the use of Peepal dried stems in Yagna/Yaagas.

Ajay Potti

straight_to_heart said...

May be for propagation of tree.The dried sticks are used for yagnas as this contains medicinal effects and good to inhale.

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