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Theertham - Sacred Holy Water

Theertham is holy water in the Hindu mythology. The water contains many medicinal properties. Each deity will have different type of theertham. The water is treated very sacred.

Cultural Beliefs:
The water is generally used to bath the deities. Later that is received as Prasad that is a remedy for all types of sins and Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are protected.
Theertham has to be received by the priest for three times. Ancients states that theertham should not drop while giving or taking on the earth. If single drop theertham was dropped on earth it was considered as great sin for both giver and taker of theertham

“Prathamam deha sudyartham Dwithiyam athma sudthikam
Thritheeyam moksha sidhyartham theerth thapra sanalakshanam”

sipping water for 3 times is to clean the body cleaning, cleaning soul and for salvation.
People also used to believe by drinking the holy water they can fight against diseases.

Theertham preparation:
  • Theertham will be prepared in vessel which is made with Copper or Silver or Brass.
  • Temples related to Lord Vishnu, Tulasi Theertham (Water mixed with Holy Basil Leaves) will be given to devotees.
  • Temples related to Lord Shankar, Maredu Theertham (Water mixed with bael Tree Leaves) be given to devotees.
  • Temples related to other deities, water mixed with Cardamom, Cloves, edible camphor will be given as Theertham to devotees.
  • Mostly all of the temples will prepare Panchamrut (Made of Milk, Yoghurt, Honey, Sugar candy and Ghee in equal amounts) and will be given as theertham in special occasions.
How to take Theertham?
  • Right palm should be bent and should be resembled like a cow ear. 
  • Index finger should be bent to touch the thumb. 
  • Left palm with a piece of cloth should be under the right palm for support.
  • Theertham should be taken 3times. 
  • Before sipping you should take the right palm with theertham near to both eyes and sip in sitting posture.
Interesting Facts:
Ancient people used to drink water from Copper vessel as the metal have the ability to kill bacteria and virus in water. Now a day’s people are following ancient methods of keeping water over night in a copper vessel and consuming in early morning.

 Scientific Reasons:
  • Water stored in metals like copper, brass or silver will decrease the heat in body and helps the body to absorb essential salts and nutrients. Copper is vital nutrient for body in production blood along with Iron.  
  • The holy basil leaves used in theertham act as a tonic which fights against fever, cold, cough, sore throat, respiratory disorders, kidney stones, heart disorders, stress, mouth infections, insect bites, headaches, skin and tooth disorders. It also acts as nerve tonic to sharpen the memory.
  • The Beal Leaves in theertham can cure many health problems such as Stomach ulcers, controls diabetes and cholesterol levels, acts as anti microbial and anti inflammatory, relives constipation, and relives diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The holy water mixed with Cardamom, Cloves, edible camphor helps in digestion, detoxifies the body, controls cold, flu, cancer and blood pressure, acts as anti inflammatory ,relives tooth pains & respiratory infections, Enhance sexual health, cures nervous disorders, fights against epilepsy.
  • Panchamrut mixture nourishes the body increases strength and potency, It boosts physical stamina, intelligence, grasping power, creative abilities, improves skin color, increase the quality of sperm or ovum.  


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Hi, is there any significance of why people use to put theertham over their head? is it the correct way to do so, or should it be done only by women folk?

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