Monday, February 24, 2014

Vanara - The monkey like people in Ramayan

Vanara's are also called as 'vana-chara'. Vanachara means people who lives in forest and called as forest-dwellers. Their presence was sighted in Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Vanara kingdom helped Lord Rama in search of sita and fought against Ravana. In Mahabharata one of vanara Jambavan met Lord Krishna and Hanuman met Bhima and Arjuna. Vanara's lived on mount Rishyamukha in Kishkindha of Dandaka forest.
Traditional Beliefs:
Vanaras posse’s superhuman powers. Some of stories about vanara's states that, Jambavan he is one who involved in churning of milky ocean and he encircled Lord Vamana (who occupied three worlds with his foot while suppressing demon king Bali) seven times. He has strength of ten million lions and fight against Lord Krishna for the precious gem 'Syamantaka mani'. He is the one who made Hanuman to realize his true powers. Hanuman belongs to vanara fly across the sea in search of sita. Hanuman saved laxman life by bringing life saving herbs and popularly called as 'Rambant'. Likewise so many vanara worriers like Sugriva,Angadha, ..Etc exhibited their powers and helped Rama in the battle.

Interesting Facts:
  • 'Rama-Bant' means a Rama follower. Mudirajas of Andhra Pradesh, Tuluva speaking Shettys of Karnataka are also called as BANTS.
  • Vanacharas tuned as Vanjaras and now they called as banjaras. Banjaras are tribal people live in Andhra region.
  • The forest area where vanara's lived, are in the parts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka at present.
  • Lepakshi is the place in Andhra Pradesh where Eagle king Jatayuvu fought with Ravan when Sita was kidnapped. 
  • Lord Rama met Sabari in the place around hampi and Rushyamukh hill is very close to Hampi. In an approx the forest area around Tirupathi in Andhrapradesh, Kishkind in Karnataka around Bellary  and around border of Maharashtra is the exact forest place where this vanara tribe resided.
  • Hanuman birth took place in Vengadam at Tirumala hills, Andhrapradesh according to Parashar Samhita.
  • Vanaras are vegetarians, depend on fruits, honey and roots as primary food. 
  • Vanaras
Scientific Reasons:
  • In present day different tribes who lives in forest areas are identified with  totem or emblem probably vanaras are humans with monkey as emblem, Jambavan belongs to another tribe with bear as emblem and Jatayuvu with eagle as totem.
  • May be vanaras are Neanderthaloids (humans of Middle Paleolithic age) who survived in the period of HomoSapiens(species belongs to modern humans ). Jambavan may be Yeti(a large hairy creature resembling a human and bear). Neanderthaloids also described as ill mannered, harsh, rude and contemptible in appearance which exactly matches with monkey people in Ramayana.
  • Archeology surveys are suggested that  Neanderthaloids lived in south India around 5lakhs - 40k years.
  • According to Darwin theory we can say Jambavan and vanara's are partially bipedal primates( Half men - half animal - walk on legs) . Just like wolf-man in movies.
  • According to traditional stories Jambavan is oldest and survived from ages also draws a conclusion that he is the last survival of his race and vanaras who are Neanderthaloids co-existed with HomoSapiens. Ramayana is the war between Neanderthaloids and HomoSapiens.


Anonymous said...

What if they were neanderthals. What if they were bigfoot legend. Some bigfoot experts say they are bearmen and some say they are apemen. Jambavan was bearman and Hanuman was apeman. It is clearly said that devas made them from ordinary monkey's like some experiment to help rama. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Bigfoot eat elk. There is a published bite mark study. It says above that the Vanaras were vegetarians. Some similarities and some discrepancies in the accounts.. I am sure they are related beings. Oh i have witnessed BF many times and only believed after i saw them for myself. They are not hard to find, just hard to catch. :-)

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