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According to astronomy changes in earth axis and orbit around the sun is the cause of UTTARAYANAM and DAKSHINAYANAM. When the sun rises towards north-east is known as uttarayanam. When sun raises towards southeast is known as dakshinayanam. It is hidden fact that the sun will not raise exactly in the center of east. In a year, March21 and September 23 are the two days in which sun will raise exactly on east.

AYANAM means travel. Uttarayanam means sun traveling towards north-east from equator. Dakshanayanam means traveling towards south-east from equator. The Sun travels towards North-East for 6months and South-East for 6months in a year.

Cultural Beliefs:

Ancient Indians described this phenomenon as Uttarayanam and Dakshinayanam. Uttarayanam (6months) is single day for gods and Dakshinayanam (6months) is single night for gods. Thus one year for humans is equal to 1 day for gods. Hindus consider Lord Maha Vishnu will sleep in dakshinayanam and awoke in uttrayanam. They treat uttarayanam as precious. Ancient Indians states that we need help of gods in dakshinayanam that’s why, so many festivals, fasting and holy fires were done in dakshinayanam. Legend Bheeshma has a boon to choose his death day. Then he picked the day when Sun enters in to Uttarayanam.

Hindus give spiritual importance to the day called as Sayana Ekadashi. This day Lord Maha Vishnu will go to sleep (Deep Meditation). All Hindus will start Chaturmas Deeksha from the day onwards and ends this deeksha on Prabhodini Ekadashi which occurs in the month of November where Lord Maha Vishnu Awakes.

Interesting Facts:
According to ancient texts uttarayanam is time period between Makar sankranthi (Around mid of January month) - Karkataka Sankarathi(Around mid of July month) and Dakshinayanam is time period between Karkataka Sankarathi(Around mid of July month) - Makar sankranthi(Around mid of January month).

Scientific Reasons:
  • Sun rise and sun set are caused due to earth revolving around sun in fixed orbit. The main reason is tilt in earth axis. This tilt causes change of pitch of earth when revolving around the sun. This makes sun appear to drift towards north-east and south-east in 6months variance. We can see mid night Sun(24hours Sun light) on June 21 and December 21 at Arctic and Antarctic Circles respectively.
  • Scientifically sun rays are very low in the months of dakshinayanam. This lowers immunity and digestive power in humans. That is the reason these traditions and rituals came in the form of fasting, meditation and divine worship towards god. These rituals will keep up immunity power in the body.

Sacred grass or Holy grass

Sacred grass or Holy grass:
In Hinduism every ritual is incomplete without using this sacred grass. It is commonly known as Durva,Kusha,King of Grasses,Bermuda Grass. It is one of favorite things for Lord Ganesha. Scientific Names of sacred grass are Cynodon dactylon, Desmostachya bipinnata,Eragrostis cynosuroides, Panicun dactylon and Imperata cylindrica. These grasses are included in all important rituals from ancient times. Ancients treat them as a symbol of rejuvenation, fertility, growth, expansion, reincarnation and hence overall success. This plant expands quickly, the root will search for the water, takes rebirth hence it is a strong survivor even tough conditions. That's why it was dedicated to Lord Ganesha (household god) not for the Lord Shiva (recluse god).

Cultural Beliefs:
Lord Vishnu taken form of sacred grass, Peepal tree and black stone due to curse of Vrindha(Wife of demon king Jalandhar).Sita devi placed this sacred grass between her and demon Ravan while making conversation.she also said to Ravan to never cross this grass blade.If he did this grass blade become a weapon to kill him.Lord Ganesha was praised as "Om Durva Priyaya Namaha". In navagraha homa this sacred grass is used to please Lord Ketu.

Another popular story is Lord Ganesha killed Fire Demon-Analasura(Son of God Yama) by swallowing him.The fire demon started to trouble Lord Ganesha stomach .By listening the words of Lord Shiva, All the gods brought sacred grass and kept on the stomach to cool his stomach from fire. Whenever we get bad dreams on the next morning if we place sacred grass in-front of Lord Ganesha by saying below phrases all the negative effects will be nullified.


Interesting Facts:
  • All the troubles related Lord Budha (who is one of nine planets according astrology) will turn to positive when we worship Lord Ganesha with this sacred grass.Memory power will rapidly increase when we worship him with this grass. Negative effects of Planet Rahu can be overcome by taking an extract of sacred grass(3-5 spoons) daily for 48days.
  • Some of old grandma tales say that, At the time of fighting between snake and mongoose (powerful enemies) when mongoose looses energy,Mangoose will go to sacred grass and roll over them to gain fresh energy. Many families give a glass of milk to children by dipping this grass in milk. Many religions use grass ring while doing religious ceremonies.According ancient texts holy grass can be used for 6 times when fresh grass is not available. While reusing, a specific number of gayatri mantra need to be recited. This grass needs to cut on the next day of the full moon. It should not be cut in any other day. By reciting below chants we need to receive this holy grass.

Scientific Reasons:
  • According to Ayurveda this sacred grass purifies Lungs and skin by flushing impurities from the body. This holy grass removes large amounts of toxins from body when we drink a small cup of juice on an empty stomach. Removes constipation, cures stammering. It also cures hypertension, all urinary problems and piles. It is powerful body detoxifier. It is used like a paste to eliminate skin diseases.
  • Research conducted by University of Allahabad found that this holy grass is Anti-Diabetic.
  • Holy grass will absorb various radiations in atmosphere. Ultra violet rays from the sun and negative radiations emit at the time of eclipse will be absorbed by this grass.That's why many Hindu families kept this sacred grass in homes at the time of eclipse.
  • It has the capability to control Magnetic path disturbances and purify the water.In many rituals Hindus dip this grass in water.And it has highest value to increase or vibrate the chants(sounds) through the tip.Hindus collect this grass in between the months of August-September of new moon and used throughout the year.
  • Dogs,Tigers chew this sacred grass and swallow the extract by splitting the pulp whenever they get stomach disturbances. This is the nature medication they follow to protect them from health problems.Due to its alkaline nature it keeps the body healthy.
  • It is unfailing nectar for all women menstrual problems. It improves sexual power and stamina.

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Washing Feet - Tradition

Washing Feet:
Before entering a temple or house we will wash our feet. Every Temple is having a water source in front of the temple. So many sacred temples built adjacent to a water body(like river,pool,sea). Hindus consider as a great sin when we enter into the temple without washing feet or wearing shoes.
Cultural Beliefs:
According to Sanathana Dharma one should pray the God with a clean mind and body. This is called as a purification ritual while entering to sacred place. Even now so many people touch the entrance floor with their forehead or hand by bowing down to earth. This explains the respect towards the place. So before entering into the sacred place one should maintain cleanness by washing feet. This is a basic etiquette which came from ancient period before entering to the temple. And shoes or sandals are majorly made from leather of animals this is also a main reason to remove them and washing feet before entering to sacred place.
Interesting Facts:
  • Hindus consider the house as a sacred place and they give respect to them because it is the main source which protect us from climatic conditions and gives shelter.
  • The tradition or religious practice of washing feet, bathing, offering prayers with wet cloths and standing in water to the chest level for worshiping the sun god has more science behind the act of sanitation.

Scientific Reasons:
  • Our body is power house always generates and acquire electric currents and impulses. More electric currents were generated when we excited and more energy was grounded when we depressed. That's why our emotions and attitude play an important role in our life's. Vedic Maharishi's described, the human body has various energy centers called 'chakras'. When we rest at the night all the parts stops generating energy that is the reason when we wake up we feel a bit lazy for some minutes. Our elder people say to wash the face or order to take bath to overcome this laziness.
  • We revolve around so many different place's. They may be unhygienic or lack of cleanliness. So many germs and bacteria will enter into the body through the feet. Whenever we enter into the house these may spread in the surroundings. Especially children who play on floor affect most of these. In many areas bad omens(salt,red water,coconuts,lemons) where throned on roads which have negative energy. That's why Hinduism introduced a healthy practice to wash the feet.
  • According to Poly-graphic studies water posses electromagnetic property. Whenever we wash our body parts it will balance the energy levels by this our emotion level will be controlled. There are 72000 nerves in the foot which are connecting from different parts of the body like brain, heart, liver, etc.. According to Ayurveda eye related diseases occur when we have unhygienic feet. When we wash our legs with cool water that coolness reaches to mind and make all the parts to relax and relives the haziness,stress.

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Navaratri Traditions and Bathukamma

Navaratri Traditions and Bathukamma :
There is a tradition to see the little bird known as Blue Jay or Indian Roller at the time of Vijaya Dasami festival. This is considered as a good omen. In Telugu language it is called as "Palapitta' and it is Andhra Pradesh state bird. Not only for AP it is also state bird for Karnataka ,Bihar and other states in India. It is helping bird for formers it will eat all insects and worms which destroys farms. In olden days there are 50 birds for 1 square kilometer but now the count was waning. Usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on farms are the main reason for decreased count.

This tradition in Devi Navaratri known as "Simolanganam" Need to visit boundaries of village or city. In boundaries of a place they exist trees, forest. Need to do worship for trees especially (Prosopis Cineraria) Shammi Tree and to see the bird and need to take lunch near a tree.Children who come along with family will came to know about different types of trees,birds and animals from elders and they get respect on it which helps future biodiversity. Children will see the reality of nature and it is useful than they learn in books.

Importance of Shammi Tree (Prosopis cineraria) worship:
According to Mahabharata, Pandavas kept their weapons on this tree. This tree hided those weapons and made them unseen for others. After finishing their Agnyat Vas(Hiding from enemies) they worshiped this tree on the day of Vijaya Dasami. Scientifically this tree is ever green tree and helps to keep underground water. This tree can grow even in desserts and increases nitrogen in environment. This tree will give green leaves to mammals in the time of summer. Ancients used to create fire with this wood. The holy smoke which emits by burning this tree wood or leaves will heal eye related diseases and the bark is anti-bacterial. This tree flowers were given to pregnant ladies to eradicate abortions. Formers plant this tree on boundaries of farms to protect from sand cyclones. This tree will stop the spreading of desserts. Ancients describe this tree with fire and they considered the fire god (Agni) and Lord Shiva resides in this tree.

In this durga navatratri goddess Parvathi who is daughter of Parvath Raj is worshipped. Parvath means hills or mountains. Many Trees exist at Hills or Mountains. This indicates the name Parvathi as nature. Indirectly we are worshiping Nature. This tradition came into existence as there will be more bacteria and virus taking birth in between the season change (from rainy to winter) which occur in these 9 days period.

Bathukamma Festival:
Bathukamma Festival celebrated in many regions of Andhra Pradesh.

this festival will begin at Mahalaya Amavasya to Ashtami almost 7-8days in the month Aswiyuja(Sept-Oct). People wear new cloths on this special day. They arrange leaves of Ash gourd, flowers of mature tea tree, Indian beech, INDIAN MARY GOLD, Chrysanthemum flowers, Western Ghats blue nail dye flowers; ridge gourd flowers, etc were used as decoration. Indian beech flowers have anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic and INDIAN MARY GOLD acts as repellent to insects, mosquitoes.Chrysanthemum flowers used for heal burns, eye diseases, wounds, fevers and indigestion. This flowers used in this festival will absorb benzine, ammonia gases in air and purifies the environment.

These flowers are arranged as a tower and Ash gourd flower will be kept as umbrella on top of this flower tower. Bathukamma Goddess will be created using turmeric and placed on beetal leaf by lightening the lamp behind goddess. Turmeric is anti bacterial and anti viral. Oil Lamp purifies the air. People will keep all these arrangement in-front of houses or temples or lakes and they sang songs of bathukamma festival at the last day. In evening they will mix this arrangements in water. These medicinal properties of leaves and flowers will purify water and eliminates bacteria and virus in the water. While making this arrangement in the house for 9days these flowers and leaves will spread there fragrance in house. This fragrance will purify the air by killing bacteria and virus in the house. The food they offer to god, was prepared with sesame seeds, jaggery, cereals, dry Neem seed powder and rice, etc will increase immunity in the body.Cleaning houses with cow dung and urine will protect from radiation. Applying turmeric in entrance will kill bacteria before entering into house. Decorating house entrance with Indian Mary gold flowers will act as insect repellent. The air which enters by touching these flowers will kill bacteria and virus in house. Usage of Mango leaves acts as anti viral and absorbs carbon-dioxide and release more oxygen into house.

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Holi - Spring festival

Holi is know as spring festival and different other names in india and popularly known as vasanthostav or basanthostav.

Cultural Beliefs:
Holika who is sister of Hiranyakasapu an evil demon king on the name of her Holi was celebrated. Demon King Hiranyakasapu has a son who is devotee of his enemy lord Vishnu. Due to this he decided to kill prahlad by using holika burning power. One day he ordered his son to sit on his lap and holika in order to burn him. But due to prahlad devotion towards Lord Vishnu Instead of his death holika was burnt alive.

Every festival was introduced by Ancient Indians by keeping environment and health in mind. At this festival day a holy fire is burnt known as Holika Dahan. Many herbal or medicinal tree barks or branches and dried cow dung were used for this holy fire.

How to prepare Natural Colors?
  • Use Henna tree,flamboyant tree leaves for green.
  • Use Turmeric+Lemon juice,chickpea flour,golden shower tree flowers,Marigold flowers,Yellow Chrysanthemums flowers,Babul tree flowers,Dried Bael fruit for different shades of yellow.
  • Use Red Sandal Wood Powder,Dry red hibiscus flowers,seeds of the achiote trees,lime powder will give different shades of red.
  • Use Jacaranda flowers,Blue berries,blue Hibiscus flowers will give blue color.
  • Use Orchid tree flowers for pink.
  • Use beetroot for dark red & blackish color.
  • Use Flame of the Forest tree flowers,Night-flowering Jasmine flowers for orange color.
  • Use Silk Cotton Tree flower petals or Saffron flowers for saffron color.
  • Use Tea Leaves for brown.
  • Use black grapes or boil amla in iron vessel will give black color.
  • These Natural color can be obtain by boiling the above ingredients or soaking them in water over night or juicing them. These natural colors will keeps skin healthy and fights against virus,bacteria which destroy the health.

Scientific Reasons:
  • Holi is a festival which indicates a seasonal change from Winter to Summer. By inhaling this holy smoke malaria, skin diseases causing germs and virus will be destroyed. Heating the atmosphere before sun enters to summer and sending holy smoke to the atmosphere will destroy all bacteria in the surroundings. By circumambulating around the holy fire 60C or 140F of heat will touches our body and kills all viruses and bacteria which are already inside our body.
  • But nowadays people are not using herbal or medicinal trees in fire, instead they are using rubber items likes tubes, tires and other plastics which are very harmful to our health and pollute the surroundings.
  • Holi is the festival of spreading colors. Ancient Indians used natural colors obtained from herbal tree flowers like Neem, Turmeric, Sandalwood, etc.. Especially they used flowers of the tree called as 'Flame of the Forest, Bastard Teak, Parrot Tree'. These flowers are crushed to extract juice and filled with bamboo stems which are used as syringes. This juice was red in color and called as Vasanth. It will sprayed on all people for fun and enjoyment. This herbal juice will increase skin glow and radiance which leads to good health. According to Ayurveda this herbal juice will control blood pressure and eliminates eye diseases when it touches our skin.
  • But nowadays people are using chemical colors in the place of natural colors. These chemical colors consist of Boric acid, Potassium dicromate, alum and Zinc chloride which harms the health and eyesight. These chemicals will enter into the body through the skin pores when we use artificial colors. When the body is healthy these will be flushed out but metals like lead, tin will cause blood cancer which is very dangerous. Zinc chloride will cause rashes on the body. Potassium decrement will cause several skin problems.
  • Don't use colors which are made from chemicals.It is very dangerous to children when compared with adults. Immediate precautions should be taken care after using chemical colors. Please save health and environment by using natural colors.

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Music -The soul of life!

All Humans, Animals and even trees will enjoy the music. Ancient Indians believe that Music originated from Sound ‘OM’. This was stated in holy texts like Samavedha and Adharvana Veda.
Cultural Beliefs:
Music will give relief from the pain and gives satisfaction to the soul. So many diseases were cured by music in ancient times.

King Akbar was suffering from jaundice disease. The doctors had cured the disease but King Akbar suffered from fatigue and loss of strength. Musician Tansen, an employee in the Akbar court sang songs from Anandha Bhiravi Raga daily for 7 days early in the morning. This has cured the sickness of Akbar by giving strength to nerves and boosts the flow of blood.
Our soul has nature to respond to music. Music is a mirror image of sound. The sound will elevate all the senses to peak level when we listen to it. Humans are suffering from sound pollution but they will enjoy to the music.Tansen used 'Deepamalika Raga' to lit lamps in the court.

Ustad Bismillah Khan, famous shahnai (South Asian music instrument) player recognized fishes in aquarium are moving in parallel to the music. Fishes don’t have ears but they respond to the waves occurred in water by playing music instruments.
Music not only gives satisfaction to the soul, it also influences the body. Skin pores respond to music. Skin pores have nervous which will transmit sensation to the brain. When the brain gets excited it will keep every part of the body in satisfaction state. The essential chemicals like endorphin which will keep the body active were released. This is the reason which makes the body to fight against any type of disease.

Interesting Facts:
There is a woman called Mrs. Sruthi who is running a clinic which deals with gastric related problems in Gurgoen, New Delhi, India . Personally, she is a musician. She uses music therapy to cure diseases. She explains an example that she cured pains of women in nine sittings by using music therapy. In this world 73% of people will respond and excited to music.

Ganapathi Sachithandha who is the religious head of Mysore Datta Pitam was using music with Meditation. By listening to music internal powers were getting activated this raises Kundalini Power and acts as a shield against body disorders.

 Types of Music and benefits:
  • Sivaranjani Raga will boost memory and cure memory disorders.
  • Mohana raga will cure headache and migraines.
  • Kalyani and Sankarabranam will cure heart diseases.
  • Amruthavarshini cures diseases which are related to heat.
  • Ananda Bhiravi cures stomach pains and kidney disorders.
  • Sindhu Bhiravi brings happiness by calming body and mind.
  • Shanmukhapriya gives courage and energy to the body.
  • Likewise so much traditional music compositions were created in order to give better health and peace to the people.
Scientific Reasons:
  • There are so many types of treatments exist in music from the ancient Indian period. Some are Raga Ragini Vidya, Raga Chikistsa, Akshatva , Nadha Vidya. These will cure any type of diseases.
  • India Traditional Music there exists ‘Sindhu Bhiravi Ragam’ which cure skin diseases. Mr. Venkata Swami Naidu who is a famous Fidel musician cured his skin disease by using music therapy. Famous Yoga teacher Shri Anandji running a Yoga center in Switzerland is experimenting on music compositions which cure diseases. Music runs like a river, by listening music every cell in the body get satisfied which leads to good sound (Yogic) sleep. Since body food is essential likewise for all senses music is essential. Shri Anandji states that all heart related diseases, Blood pressure, Respiratory diseases will occur when the human body does not satisfy. By listening to music body will go to pleasant condition and gets satisfied.
  • According to ancient texts Gandharvas were immortals. They became immortals due to continued practice of music and gaining satisfaction by listening music. Kundalini power will be raised from lower most position to the highest position by practicing Nadha Yoga. Practicing yoga by taking deep breaths with Om sound will activate Kudalini power and this power will reach to brain gradually to attain immortality. This is called as raja yoga Rahasya by ancient Indians.
  • Musically composed Mantras will create a resonance in the surroundings , this vibration will enter into the body and boosts the brain to release essential chemicals which cures any type of disease. If you are feeling tense, restless and suffering from sleep disorders try to listen music while you to bed and check the changes.
  • Mind functionality is primary causes for all disorders. There is no medicine discovered to get mental satisfaction. Music is the only way to boost mind functionality. All the Indian chants and prayers are based on good music.