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Spatika Lingam

Spatika Lingam:
Spatika lingam is six faced long, stick and glassy that are mostly found in the mountains of Himalaya, Vindhya and Sankagiri. It is made of crystal.

Cultural Beliefs:
Spatika Lingam has divine power. In Puranas Spatikam is the divine stone which represents the Trimurthi (Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma) and goddess Shakti. As per Yajur Vedam Lord Shiva is also described as “Jyothi spatika Lingam”, i.e. Lord Shiva is in the form of Jyothi, Lingam and Spatika. Lord Shiva resides in atom, electron and neutron of the spatika lingam.

According to ancients 'Prana Prathista of Shiva Lingam' is not required when the lingam is made with spatikam. By touching spatika lingam in the early morning will bring positive effects for the whole day.

Spatika lingam was worshiped as Lord Chandramauleeswara in Chidabaram, Tamilnadu,    Lord Sundareswara in Meenakshi Temple, Madurai Lord Ramanathaswamy in Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu.
Interesting Facts:
  • Worshiping spatika lingam with water, milk or vibhuthi will eliminate all negative energies present in the once body. 
  • Worshiping with Shiva Panchakshari 108 times will destroy all curses and sins.
  • A lot of positive energy will vibrate if worshiped vibuthi is rubbed on the forehead. This will change Fate, wealth will flourish, and all diseases will be controlled when we eat a pinch of worshipped vibhuthi.
  • Sudden Accidents and  severe illness will be eliminated and desires will be fulfilled when spatika linga is worshiped  with Maha Mrutyumjaya mantra.
 Spatika Lingam Pooja Procedure:
  • The devotee has to take a bath and wear fresh clothes.
  • Chant Lord Shiva Mantra (om Namaha Shiva’) to create a mood.
  • Ring bell to start the Pooja.
  • We have to perform the panchamrutha abhishekam with items like Ganga water or fresh water, honey, sugarcane, juice, cow milk, ghee, coconut water, yoghurt and rose water.
  • Pour the liquid and chant Lord Shiva Mantra or Shiva Panchakshari stotram for 108 times.
  • After that clean  the lingam with water and decorate with flowers and sandalwood paste.
  • Offer prasadam like fruits or sweets to Lord Shiva.
  • Burn Camphor and perform Aarti To God and ring the bell.
  • Give the aarti and Pray to Lord Shiva.
  • Apply vibhuti on the forehead and distribute the prasadam to family members.
  • The vibrations present in the spatika lingam are very high and will counteract all the negative effects of planets Worshipping Spatika Linga will give confidence, power, perfection and removes all sorts of worries.
  • Spatika  Lingam worship will enhance wealth and prosperity. Spatika Shiva lingam gives tremendous concentration and is better for students, businessmen and people who need to achieve goals.
 Scientific Reasons:
  • Spatika is a gemstone made of silicon and oxygen(SiO4).
  • Spatika is a good conductor of heat. The wearer will attain coolness and calmness.
  • Spatikam is used to replace diamond and associated planet Venus.
  • Goddess Sarawathi always holds spatika mala in her hand. Spatika will bring electro-chemical balance in the body and absorbs excess heat.
  • Spatika Shiva Lingam attracts the sunlight and reflects 7-colors as the rainbow.
  • Pouring water on Spatika Lingam(Crystal Quartz) will ionize the water and this water is having different healing properties. Spatikam will restore the water crystalline structure and prevents pollution.
  • By drinking abhishekam water from spatikam lingam, These liquids carry heavy loads of oxygen to each and every cell in the blood stream and eliminates the free radicals from the body and prevent diseases. Spatika lingam will increase alkalinity levels and electrical conductivity of the liquids and decrease the surface tension of liquid. Intake of abhishekam liquids makes the human body to operate much more smoothly.
  • According gemologist these Crystals will need to recharge to release negative energies. There are so many prescribed methods washing Spatikam in sea water, River water, burying crystals inside earth for sometime, exposing crystals to sun or moon rays,Creating Sound vibrations by ringing bell.
  • Refer Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Theory about water crystalline structure.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hanuman Jayanti - Lord Hanuman Birthday

Hanuman Jayanti:
Hanuman Jayanti is the birthday of Lord Hanuman celebrated in the month of Chaitra on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha. This is an important festival among Hindus. Hanuman is great devotee for Lord Rama. Hanuman is worshipped as god who has magical powers and can conquer evil spirits. Lord Hanuman`s knowledge is like Ocean (Maha Samudram). He helps in driving the bad in us and helps the people who are good in virtues. He has very great power, courage and strong Body.

Cultural Beliefs:
As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman is the God of Power, Knowledge and strength. Lord hanuman was born to God Wind (Kesari) and Anjani on the Chaitra Shukla Pournami so he is called as ‘ANJANEYA’. He is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. As per Yajur Veda, the heads and faces are his own and is in the hearts of all. Lord Hanuman has gained his knowledge from Lord Sun, the infinitely wise planet on earth. He was born as Monkey God to serve Lord Rama. He is also called as Maruthi, Anjaneya, Pavanputra, MahaVira and Bajrangbali.

The Epic Ramayana is not complete without Lord Hanuman. Sundara Kanda a part in Ramayana mainly describes about Lord Hanuman. In Ramayana all the divine souls come to earth and the apes are modified to play the role of vehicles like this the race of Vanara (reddish orange color) came into existence. Hanuman was born in this race so in all the Hanuman temples he is colored in reddish orange color. Hanuman Japa will help us to keep away the ill health and drives off the evil spirits.

Hanuman Jayanti Pooja Procedure:
  • Devotees have to take bath early in the morning and Has to visit the Hanuman Temple.
  • Devotees have to fast on this day.
  • Light a lamp with mustard oil and betel leaves garland. Normally the betel leaves should consist of 21,31 or 51 and an arecanut in each leaf.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa(for 21 times to get blessings) and should do Japa of Lord Rama.
  • Hanuman will bless the devotees with success.
  • Apply sindhoor with the ring finger only to get good Luck and denotes Victory. Donate Vermillon(Sindoor) and oils(Chameli /Jasmine) for the idol of Lord Hanuman.
  • Calotropis leaves and flowers have to be used in the multiples of five.
  • Fruits like Bananas are offered to Lord Hanuman.
  • Minimum five circumambulations has to be done, if devotee wish to perform more than that he has to be do in the multiples of five.
  • Lord Hanuman was born at sunrise so discourses in the temple are started from dawn.
  • Prasads are distributed only after sunset.
  • 108 vadas are offered to God as Naivedyam.
 Interesting Facts:
  • Hanuman was blessed by the most powerful gods when he was just a 1/2-year old child.
  • In Maharashtra Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on pournami of chaitra Masam.
  • In kerala and Tamilnadu states, people believe that Hanuman was born on moola Nakshatra in the Margazhi (dec15-Jan14) month.
  • In Andhra, Hanuman Jayanthi will be celebrated for 41 days. It is started on Chaitra Pournami and ends on the 10th day of Vaisakha month’s Krishna Paksha or Hanuman Jayanti.
  • When Lord Lord Hanuman conveyed the message from Sri Rama to Sita, she was happy and gave Hanuman a betel vine for him as an appreciation so betel leaves garland is used.
  • Lord Hanuman has to be worshipped by the people who are going under Saade-saati (Elinati Shani) of Saturn, to reduce the difficulties caused by Saturn.
  • Shani Yantra is kept at the feet of Hanuman to let us know that he is over Lord Shani.
  • Lord Hanuman has great influence for all evils against Kuja Dosha.
  • Hanuman Tail pooja has to be started on this day in order to get your boons granted.
  • Vada(prepared with fried tacos and black pepper) are considered to be auspicious.
Hanuman Chalisa Importance:
Reciting Hanuman chalisa will yield many benefits. Reciting the verses will remove the doshas, remove hardships, will be blessed with knowledge, removing misunderstandings, helps in attaining fame, recovering lost status, accomplishing the difficult tasks by overcoming the obstacles, to drive away the negative energies, maintaining good health and victory over evil forces.

Scientific Reasons:
  • Human thoughts behave crazy like monkeys. According to ancient philosophy god is within us and we have all properties and powers of god but we need remind them by controlling mind, intellect and ego. But how to control and how to remember? answer is, by devotional surrender or meditation we will attain them. This is the thing we need to learn from Lord Hanuman. He needs to be reminded about his powers for performing every action. He surrenders to Lord Rama by deep meditation to control mind, intellect and ego.
  • Hanuman was characterized as monkey, son of Lord Vayu and compared into two phases 1) His powerful strength 2) His devotion against Lord Rama. Human thoughts also powerful but behave like monkey (out of control) to attain powerful strength we need devotion (means concentration on breathing).
  • In total Lord Hanuman is a power acquired by Pranayama (Breath control exercise). In Ramayana Lord Rama (Soul), Sita- Daughter of Earth (Body) and Lakshmi (Mind) they will stay together under control of dasha-ratha (10 senses).
  • If Kaikeyi(selfishness), Surpanaka(Lust), Ravana(Ego) dominates Dasaratha will die and sita will disappear(body was out of control) and detach from Soul, Mind. Lakshma (mind) will be diverted and Rama (Soul) remains in wander. By killing Selfishness, Lust, Ego with meditation (Hanuman) Soul, body and mind gets united. So elevate Lord Hanuman with in you.
Jai Anjini putra, Jai Kesari nandana, Jai Pavana putra, Jai Bajaranga bali.

Hanuman Jayanti Recipes

Download Panchangam:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sri Rama Navami - Lord Rama Birthday

Sri Rama Navami:
Sri Rama navami is a Hindu festival celebrating for Lord Rama birth. Rama Navami comes on Shukla Paksha on the ninth day of chaitra masam.Rama Navami is the ninth day of the chaitra Masam Vasanta Navaratri celebrations. Sri Rama Navami is mainly celebrated at noon time.

Cultural Beliefs:
In the Epic Ramayana, Ayodhya king Dasaratha had 3 wives named Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi. They have no children. On the advice of Sage Vashista, they perform putra yagna. King Dasaratha performs the yagna, Yagneshwara appears before the king and gives him a bowl of kheer and asks him to give to the 3 wives. After that the 3 wives became pregnant and on the ninth day kausalya gives birth to Lord Rama (Lord Vishnu 9th incarnation) in the afternoon. Lord Rama has taken birth as per his own will to kill Ravana.

Interesting Facts:
  • Lord Rama was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra, navami thiti and the planets Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus were very high in position.
  • As per astrologers Lord Rama was born in 5010BC, Feb 10 after checking the stars and epics.
  • Mostly temples will celebrate the festival for 9 days after Ugadi(New Year).
  • As per Maliki Ramayana, Lord Rama and site marriage was performed Margashirsha Shukla Panchami so people will celebrate Lord Rama and sita kalyanam on this day.
  • In Bhadrachalam Temple (Andhra Pradesh) the wedding anniversary is performed.
  • In north India Ratha yatra is performed by placing idols of Lord Rama,sita , Lakshmana(brother of Rama) and hanuman.
  • People visit temples mainly located at Ayodhya and Rameswaram as these two places are closed related to Lord Rama
  • Lord Rama was an ideal son, brother, husband, friend, enemy and King.
Rama Navami Procedure:
  • Temples are decorated with flowers and mango leaves.
  • Traditional prayers are performed in the temple.
  • Devotional Songs, singing Bajans are preformed from morning till afternoon as Lord Rama was born in the afternoon.at that time a special prayer is done.
  • Some Devotees fast on this day till the completion of celebrations in the evening.
  • Mostly some people will fast through all the nine days of Vasanta Navaratri.
  • Panakam (sweet drink prepared with Jaggery and pepper) and vadapappu is kept as Naivedyam to god and the same is distributed at temples to the devotees.
  • Even at home also people will do prayers and prepare the food items.
  • Rama Raksha Strotram or Sri Rama Asthothram has to be recited eleven times to resolve problems and gain prosperity.
  • Sri Rama Ramethi from Vishnu Sahasra Namam has to be recited.
 Scientific Reasons:
  • Rama Navami comes in the beginning of summer time when the sun is in Pisces.
  • Fasting on these days has many health benefits. Refer to fasting on this blog.
  • Pepper is traditionally used in Ayurveda to heal ailments of headache, stomach and throat.
  • Panakam is especially used as a home remedy for cold and cough.
  • Jaggery contains iron, minerals and vitamins
  • Ginger aids the digestion and helps to relieve stomach ache, promote circulation.
  • Ginger if powdered is very useful in motion sickness.

Also check more details about Lord Rama

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Ugadi - Welcome for Spring Season

'Ugadhi' represents the beginning of the New (Adhi) Era (Yuga) or beginning of the new astronomical cycle especially for south Indian people. The festival is celebrated on Shukla Paksha of 'Chaitra Masam' which is the first season spring (Vasanta ruthuvu) that signifies new life. The time is considered to be the most auspicious time to start new ventures. Special Prayers are part of this festival for health, wealth and prosperity.
Cultural Beliefs:
  • People believe Lord Brahma started creation of all things on earth.
  • Lord Subramanya and Ganesh like mangoes so people Tie mango leaves as Toranam at the entrance of house to signify them that acts as a symbol to earn good crop and well-being.
  • According to Hindus the life cycle, we have four yugas. We have already completed three yugas namely Satya, treat, Dwapara and now we are in the Kali Yuga. As told by Sage Vedavyasa , the Kaliyuga (4,32,000 years) has started when Lord Krishna has left this world. So the marking of kaliyuga day is observed remembrance for Ugadi.
Ugadi Festival Procedure:
  • People wake up in the early hours of morning to clean the house and take oil bath with sesame oil and wear new clothes. 
  • People will decorate the entrance of the house with jasmine garlands, mango leaves and draw Rangoli. 
  • Ugadhi Pachadi a special traditional chutney known as Ugadi Pachadi has to be prepared, Almanac (Panchangam) will be kept before the deity in the prayer room.
  • After general Puja people have to take Ugadhi Pachadi as prasadam with empty stomach and listen panchaga sravanam. 
  • Other special  traditional recipes like Pulihora(Tamarind or lemon or Mango), Vada Or Garelu,Bobbatlu, Mudda Pappu, Gutti Vankaya Kura(Stuffed Bringal),A ratikaya Bajji(Raw Plantain Fritters), Talimpu Senagalu(Seasoned Black Chickpeas), Payasam, Rasam(soup) will be prepared.
Importance of Ugadi Chutney:

Ugadhi Pachadi represents the six tastes of life.
  1. Neem flowers- represent sadness for its bitter taste.
  2. Jaggery or ripe banana- represents happiness for sweetness.
  3. Green chili- represents anger for its hot taste
  4. Salt- represents fear for its saltiness.
  5. Tamarind- represents disgust for its sourness.
  6. Green mango - represent surprise for its astringent or sharp taste. 
  • This festival begins new joy and happiness marks the beginning of new life. Consuming this chutney represents our life with many experiences like happiness, anger, surprises, sadness, fear and disgust that has to be accepted through the year.
  • Panchanga sravanam which forecasts the thiti, vara, masam and nakshatra, good and bad for all zodiac signs throughout that year.
  • Poetry recitation (Kavi Sammelanam) social activities will be conducted for poets to come up with new poetry and literature.         
Important Facts:
  • Among the months chaitram is the first month, in stars Ashwini is the first and thiti Padyami comes first, so ugadi is the first festival which comes on these aspects.
  • It is better to eat Ugadhi Pachadi upto sri rama navami to get better health from climatic changes
  • Need to pray to Lord chandra at evening because Ugadhi is a festival based on the Moon movement
Scientific Reasons:
  • On the movement of moon and earth the lunar year is formed and it varies from the solar year i.e. 24 hours in a day and 365 days of a year. So the lunar New Year keeps changing.
  • This is an important climatic change in weather as it is the beginning of spring season. Nature will take growth as many plants start the new life with leaves and flowers spreading healing elements. The fragrance of jasmine in the atmosphere touches the senses and mind.
  • Aroma from mango and neem tree mixes with air makes people fresh and healthy. Jaggery made with fresh crop of Sugar cane will add additional flavor to festival.
 The Ugadi Chutney has many health benefits:
  1. Neem flowers fights against skin allergies and kill Bacteria and germs.
  2. Jaggery effectively cleans different body parts and prevents anemia.
  3. Green Chilli improves immune system and maintains skin health, eye vision.
  4. Tamarind aids better digestion process.
  5. Green mango improves the blood circulation.
  6. Salt balances the sugar levels in the blood and prevents dehydration.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gems - Mystery hidden in Stones

Gem Stones:

A gem is defined as a stone that was dug out of the earth or deep sea and exhibit rare and miraculous qualities. It may differ in quality, color, hue, tinge and price. Totally there are 84 gems out of which nine are popular. There is no exact opinion on the origin of gemology (science related to gems). According to Ancient scripts it has originated in way back 10,000years ago.

Cultural Beliefs: 

Ancient Vedic science states that every object in the universe emits certain type of energies related to magnetic & electric waves. In our solar system earth receive different cosmic radiations from other planets. These cosmic radiation will influence all living creates on earth. The transmission of these colored rays or radiation exhibit typical properties directly proportional to heat, electricity and magnetism.

Ancient Sages developed a system to map location of planets scientifically at the time of human birth. It is known as Vedic horoscope. According to horoscope some planets will give favorable results and some give unfavorable results. These unfavorable results can be tuned by adopting different techniques. These methods broadly classified as 1) Meditation 2) Yoga 3) Prayers 4) Gemstones 5) Food.

Ancient Vedic system states that we have nine planets in those 7 are visible and 2 are invisible. These nine planets associated with nine astrological gemstones.

Sun         - Ruby
Moon      - Pearl
Mars       - Red Coral
Mercury  - Emerald
Jupiter    - Yellow Sapphire
Venus     - Diamond
Saturn     - Blue Sapphire
Rahu       - Hessonite Garnet
Ketu        - Cats Eye.

Interesting Facts:
  • Gemstones are harder when compared to normal stones.
  • Gemstones are brighter and smoother when compared to normal stones.
  • Every gemstone exhibit different color and hues.
  • Gemstones have both capabilities to give positive and negative effects.
  • Rays of gemstone controlled by an associated planet or star.
Scientific Reasons:
  • Sun is the main source of energy present in this world it transforms into different forms and distributed in five elements, nine planets etc.
  • A gemstone absorbs energy from sun rays as battery and transforms the energy into different forms depending on their properties of respective planet.
  • The Metal (Ring or locket) acts as an electric connector between stone and human body.
  • The part of the energy will be regained by the wearer with the help of the gemstone.
  • Every gemstone has power to draw energy from the planet and channelizes to the wearer's body. 
  • According to the horoscope which ever planet is weak; the person was suggested to wear respective gemstone associated with that particular planet.
  • The positive energy from gemstone will fulfill the needed quantity of that person and make him to climb success ladder quickly. For example sun rays will give vitamin-D, by eating carrots, green veggies, vitamin -A & iron deficiency can be fulfilled, likewise gemstones remove deficiencies in the influence of  a particular planet
  • Modern studies have shown that the cosmic color spectrums emitted by the planets are very similar to the color spectrum of the correspondent gemstones.
  • Like the crystals used in radio technology which transmits and receive invisible rays into sound and picture this the crystalline structure of the gemstone will attract and condense the cosmic energies and transform them for use by the human Physiology.