Monday, February 11, 2013

Planets in Astrology

Planets in Astrology:
The entire life (horoscope) of a person connects an individual around the planets. The planets have significance on the human lives. The position of planets at the time of birth influences the individual life. Astrology of a person’s revolves around the twelve houses of the person's horoscope. The solar system consists of nine planets which revolve around the sun. Without the planetary effect nothing exists in this universe even the five elements (Earth, water, Fire, air, space). The planets have the supreme power upon the entire world.
Cultural Beliefs:
As per ancients, the planets are gods, who is the cause for the happiness and sorrow and for the existence. The most powerful are the sun and the moon god. Venus was the companion of the moon and was very beautiful. Mercury is the messenger of gods. Mars is the god of war. Jupiter is the great god.

The planets were called as Navagrahas, which will influence the living being's actions (karma). Grahas were formed to destroy the demons and to sustain the Gods to establish faith.

The incarnations of gods are as follows:
Vamana- Jupiter
Parashurama- Venus
Koorma- Saturn
Varaha- Rahu

Astrology has excluded planets Neptune and Pluto and has included Rahu and Ketu and has the same effect. These planets will stay in own sign for a long time.

As per the Bhavishyat Puranam , People who work ship the planets and offer some naivedhyam will get rid of all the sufferings, griefs facing and will be blessed.We have to face the good and bad equally according to our previous birth deeds known as Karma, which cannot be escaped. The things will happen whatever is written on our forehead. The results will move through the planets’  effects.

Important Facts:
The planets position of the sun and the moon in twelve houses is decisive.
The day stars are Saturn, Jupiter and the sun and masculine in gender.
The night stars Moon, Mars and Venus and feminine in gender.
Mercury is for day and night and belongs to both the genders.
Each planet has influence according to the shape and distance of longitude. After the birth of a child, the planets take over the parts of the body on the basis of their speed. Based on the Dasha and antardasha the individual tends to behave and the body will act as per the significance of the planets .Each planet has its own color as per the astrology.

Every day is special according to the planetary vibrations. The week on a day represents the planets. Food consumed on the respective days can bear the vibrations and can gain benefits well.
Sun-Sunday: All fruits and plants.
Moon-Monday: watermelon, pumpkin and cucumber
Mars-Tuesday: Mango, dates and pineapple
Mercury- Wednesday: all kinds of food
Jupiter- Thursday: Lemon, orange and banana
Venus-Friday: Nuts such as badam, pista, almond.
Saturn-Saturday: all kinds of foods. Especially food prepared with oil

Ravi - Gur, red pulses, kesar (saffron), chandan, wheat, red fruits, red sweetmeats.
Moon - Rice, milk, curd, ghee, salt, sujji, white sweetmeats, sugar, cashew nuts, radishes
Mangal - Red Masoor daal (red lentil pulses), Gur (jaggery), pomegranates.
Budha - Green Moong (split green gram), torai, ghia, parwal (pointed gourd), pumpkin, green fruits, green sweetmeats.
Guru - Yellow laddu, chana daal, Gur, yellow fruits and sweets.
Sukra - Rice, sugar, sujji, white sweet meats, white fruits.
Shani - Black urad, mustard oil, gur, black til, black flowers, black fruits, black sweetmeats, black chana, satnaza.
Rahu/Ketu - Black urad, black til, black soap, black sweets

Pooja for planets:
We have to pray planets and offer naivedyam with devotion even if the time is favorable or not favorable to us
Sun-Gudaannam (rice cooked with Jaggery)
Moon- Payasam
Mars- Pulihora (rice cooked with turmeric)
Mercury- Ksheerannam (rice cooked with milk)
Venus- rice cooked with ghee
Saturn- black gram with gingili powder
Rahu- horsegram.
Ketu- Pulihora (rice cooked with turmeric)

Scientific Reasons:
  • The stars are fixed and the stars are revolving the earth as a narrow line. This line called as the ecliptic, have the loops at a certain angle in the earth. The line travel across the sun, Moon and the stars so astrologers divided the ecliptic into 12 sections.
  • When a planet passes through a certain zodiac certain events get triggered. Babies born at the same time same time in different years, share the same characteristics.
  • The heavenly bodies continuously roam in the universe. There are two types of heavenly bodies stars (have own light) and planets (get light from others).
  • Astrology says Mars was son of earth scientists found there are favorable conditions to live in mars same as earth.
  • Astrology connected metal iron to Saturn science found ferrous (iron) oxide on Saturn.
  • Jupiter was described as person with huge stomach and is related with yellow color. Science found that Jupiter is the biggest planet and resembles yellowish color.
  • Sunrays reach every planet and some rays reflect and reaches the earth.There is gravitational force acting between all planets in the Solar system, these acts as a hypothesis to believe astrology.
  • In astrology sun is related to health, Science states that vitamin -D can be highly absorbed by the bodies from sun rays
  • The moon is related to mental health. As per the science the tides are forming due to moon gravitational force and tides at the sea level will be more on full moon & no moon days. Doctors say that mad people will be in uncontrollable stage on full moon & new moon. Our body is filled with 70% of fluids; this makes clear that our emotions are interlinked with moon’s gravitational force.
  • Astrology states Saturn as 'mandh gaman' i.e. slow motion. Science also states Saturn take 22.7 years to rotate around the sun.


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