Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Magha Masam - Auspicious Month for Bath

Magha Masam:
Magha Masam is the month of Hindu calendar. As per the English calendar it is in between January-February.  It starts after Sankranti. The month is auspicious for marriages, house warming, upanayanam and Aksharabhyasam. The month is mainly significant for taking bath early in the morning before sunrise. The bath has to be taken in the river. The bath has to be started from amavasya day and continued till the whole month.

Cultural Beliefs:
  • As per Hinduism Goddess saraswathi Devi, Lord Surya and Shiva Linga were born.
  • As per Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram sloka Lord Vishnu is the god of yagna. Magha is a Sanskrit word, ma-not present, agha-sin. Lord Vishnu (high knowledge) is worshipped in this magha masam.
  • As per astrology ketu is the ruling planet for magha star.
  • As per our ancient Puranas like Vayu, Brahmanda they have mentioned the significance of taking bath in the rivers like Ganga, Yamuna etc. The days of this month begin with taking a bath and in the months of Magha, the spiritual merits are high.
The important festivals of magha masam are
  • Vasanta Panchami: This comes on the fifth day. Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped on this day to get from ignorance. Aksharabhyasam for children is highly auspicious on this day.
  • Ratha sapthami:This comes on the seventh day. Lord Surya is worshipped on this day and people will take a bath with seven Arka leaves to get rid of all sins.
  • Bhishma Ashtami:This comes after the day of Ratha Saptami. In the great Mahabharata, It is believed that sage Bhishma breathed his last.
  • Magha Pournami: This is celebrated on the full moon day marks the end of magha masam. Taking a bath in a sea is meritorious. Performing pooja to any god is auspicious. Charities given to Brahmins on this day have a great significance.
  • Maha Shivarathri: This is celebrated on 13th night or 14th day. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Shiva in temples. The most importance of this day is performing abhishekam to the Lord Shiva, fasting and doing Jagarana (all through night long).
Important Facts:
  • Taking bath in Triveni Sangamam(three rivers Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswathi) will wash all the sins committed and no rebirth.
  • Charity (Danam) done during the Maagha masam are sacred and meritorious. The Main charities are Black and white sesame seeds (Thila Danam), Food (Anna Danam), Salagrama Danam, Pumpkin (Gummadikaya Danam) and swayam pakam to Brahmins.
  • According ancient astrology in the month of Magha, Moon moves into zodiac sign of Cancer and Sun stays in Capricorn.Taking bath in those auspicious combination of planets relieves all problems of a person.At the time of Magha Pournami(full moon day) the effect is gradually increases to peak point.
Scientific Reasons:
  • Taking Bath is for refreshment and cleaning external body.
  • Magha masam indicates change in season taking bath in sacred places helps a body to adjust to the changing seasons.
  • Water is a cleanser which cleans the impurities of body and gives a healthy body.
  • Bathing in sacred waters increases the immune system and prevents the skin relates diseases.
  • Bathing with cold water can relieve from stress, tensions and increase the sugar level in blood.
  • Bathing with cold water after exercise prevents muscle pains.
  • Bathing tightens the blood vessels and all the exhaust blood and the waste products.
  • Water in rivers and sea will have many medicinal benefits.

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