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Incense sticks - Agarbatti

Incense sticks:

Incense sticks also called agarbattis are fragranced sticks used from ancient period by people all over the world. The evolution of incense stick could be from the burning of aromatic woods in the primitive period. As mankind gained civilization and became more religious, these fragranced agarbattis played important role in daily rituals.

Cultural Beliefs:

The purpose of burning agarbatti is to purify the bad air. The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering home. This is used for fragrance which symbolically suggests the presence of the deity and the love of deity. 
The use of incense stick is recorded in Old Testament, the Vedas, and other ancient books. Agarbattis were commonly used in different places of worship like churches, monasteries, mosques, and temples. Incense was widely in countries like Egypt, Greece, China, Japan, and India.

People belonging to different religion used agarbattis in their ritual worship. Offering to God was made by lighting these agarbattis as it purifies the atmosphere. The refreshing fragrance of the incense stick spreads into the air to make a serene  atmosphere helping the devotees to have calm frame of mind. The soothing and purified atmosphere helps in meditation

A good incense stick is made from natural ingredients like camphor, clove, sandalwood, kasturi manjal, saffron, sweet smelling flowers like rose, jasmine, green jasmine, oils of fragranced flowers, and aromatic woods. Another important material used in incense is medicinal herbs, which helps to create soothing atmosphere. The binding materials like Gum Arabic and Charcoal have oxidizers which help in burning the agarbatti.

The incense sticks burn evenly when the ingredients are blended in right proportion. Each material plays an important role. Excess of water in the incense mixtures will result in uneven burning of the incense stick. Right proportion of oxidizer should be used in gum binded incense. Excess of oxidizer will burn the incense stick too quickly giving less fragrance.

Types of incense sticks:

Incense sticks are made from fifteen base fragrances. You can see them below.Every fragrance has its own vibration and smell. 
  • Musk incense sticks: Its fragrance helps your body to relax and assists in development of will power. It affects the magnetic forces around you. 
  •  Amber incense sticks: I its aroma is heavenly and is often called the "nectar of gods”. Its fragrance is used to treat many diseases in aromatherapy. It is believed to attract true love to your life.
  • Cinnamon incense sticks: It was used in Egypt in ancient times for healing purposes as stimulant. Its fragrance improves concentration. Yogis used to aid in meditation. It improves digestive system and combats eating disorders.
  • Cedar incense sticks: Cedar wood is aromatic and was used to build temples. King Solomon’s temple is made from cedar wood. It promotes prosperity and wealth. Its fragrance is used to treat nervous disorders.
  • Copal:It removes all the negative vibrations from your surroundings. It is used in spiritual ceremonies from thousands of years. It purifies our actions and brings good luck to household.
  • Frankincense: It is the purest form of incense. It was primarily used in churches. Its fragrance improves our mood by fighting sadness and depression. It was presented to baby Jesus along with myrrh and gold. It is governed by sun.
  • Jasmine: It is the scent of moon goddess diana.It promotes feelings of joy and euphoria. It creates an atmosphere of love and blessings around us when burned. It’s burned in temples and shrines.
  • Lotus: Lotus is a sacred plant of hindus.Goddess lakshmi is always seated on lotus flower. Lotus represents the Supreme Being and its fragrance brings prosperity. It provides spiritual vibrations during prayers.
  • Myrrh: It is sacred fragrance. It was offered to baby jesus.Egyptians burned it to on altar while praying to sun god. It drives out negative thoughts and bring peace of mind.
  • Patchouli incense sticks: Its fragrance pleases the gods and angels. It alerts the senses and enhances sensuality. Its aroma promotes crystal clear thinking and helps in resolving conflicts.
  • Pino incense sticks: Its fragrance has magical powers. It has medicinal values in treatment of respiratory diseases. It’s an essence of nature.
  • Rose: Perfect for removing anger and jealousy from our nature. It’s governed by Venus (planet of love).It promotes love and affection around us.
  • Sandalwood: It is one of most incense. Its fragrance lifts our spirits. It is particularly used to achieve state of meditation. It is governed by Uranus.
  • Three Kings: It channelizes the energy in us. It is particularly useful for students to aid in exam preparations.
  • Violet: Its fragrance promotes harmony in nature. It creates an atmosphere of positive energy around us. It should be burned in home and offices to promote goodwill.
Other kind of incense sticks:
  • Eucalyptus: Helps in fighting stress
  • Lavender: Most relaxing smell for mind
  • Ginger : Removes anxieties
  • Gardenia: Its fragrance helps you in forgetting any kind of pain
  • Coco: Purifies everything around us
  • Dragon's Blood: Improves sexual potency
  • Cinnamon: For everyone one who wants love and fame
  • Cinnamon: Promotes clarity of thought
  • COCO: Aid in sexual pleasure
  • CHERRY: Helps in finding love
  • STRAWBERRY: Helps couple in understanding each other.
  • APPLE: Relief from physical pains
  • MINT: Fights any kind of loneliness.
  • PINK: Its fragrance builds an environment of peace.
  • Night Queen :Its fragrance promotes attraction among opposite sexes.
  • SEVEN POWERS: Gives you good luck
  • VANILLA: Burn it to seduce your hubby
  • PURPLE: Helps in sexual intercourse
  • OPIUM: Most beneficial for couples
  • Azahar: Lifts human spirits
  • Aloe: Lifts your mood
  • Lemon: Fights anxiety
  • Rosemary: Eliminates all kind of negative vibrations
Incense stick that is good for your zodiac sign:
Always buy an incense stick that suits your needs and zodiac.
  • Aries: cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus.
  • Taurus: jasmine, magnolia, ginger
  • Gemini: daffodils, dragon’s blood
  • Cancer: mint, lemon
  • Leo: amber, cloves
  • Virgo: Rosewood, Camellia, Jasmine
  • Libra: Orange, lily white
  • Scorpio: ginger, lime
  • Sagittarius: Pink, lavender
  • Capricorn: sandalwood, angelica
  • Aquarius: Patchouli
  • Pisces: Mint, myrrah
Scientific Reasons:

Since volatile oils which form an essential part of the raw materials used in the manufacture of incense sticks / agarbathi are known to destroy airborne bacteria when used in a congregation. The de-odorised atmosphere and the pleasing smell soothes the nerve and renders the atmosphere congenial for concentration, meditation and prayers. Ayurvedya prescribes the use of incense in sick rooms, mainly due to its anti-septic nature which enables it to purify air as well as because of the curative properties, the smell and smoke emitted by the incense sticks / agarbattis imparts well being when inhaled by a sick person.

In ancient books we find that Agarbatti’s were used to cure many diseases. Medicinal herbs are used in incense to cure nervous problems, sleeplessness, constipation, depression, and stiffness. This is known as AROMATHERAPY. The natural ingredients like saffron and sandal wood improves blood circulation, cures skin disease, eases asthmatic breathing and cough, reduces fever and inflammation, and alleviates depression.
The fragranced incense sticks act an important part in improving the condition of psychological disorders. The pleasant and sweet smell makes people better who are suffering from depression. It reduces stress and anxiety. Also it reduces the bad smell of the body. It also soothes body aches and pain.
The fragranced sticks play an important role in improving the condition of psychological disorders in human being. People suffering from depression feel better because of the pleasant smell. The pleasant fragrant uplifts the mood and makes people more agile by reducing stress and anxiety. Incense stick reduces the body odor. It also relieves body aches and pain. 


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