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Tilak is a sign for auspiciousness. Tilak is put on the forehead with Sandal paste (Chandanam), Kumkum (red turmeric), Sindoor and Sacred Ash (Vibhuti or Bhasma).

Cultural Beliefs:
Lord Shiva has a third eye at the sixth primary chakra; if he opens the eye the world is destroyed.
The ancients used to keep Tilak on the forehead for meditating better and activating the third eye that is behind the pituitary gland.

Devotees –Tilak Type-where to apply
Lord Shiva - sacred Ash - on the forehead
Lord Vishnu -sandalwood paste- on the forehead and in between eyebrows
Goddess - red turmeric powder- between eyebrows

As per the Hindu Astrology, Mesh Rasi (Aries) is on the forehead. Aries Lord is Mars (red in color), so red turmeric has to be applied.

Why to Apply?
Tilak is used for its cooling effect. The sandal Wood paste has medicinal values along with
the spiritual influence. The sandalwood paste when (Tilak) applied at Bhrumadhya (the sixth primary chakra according to Hindu tradition) will nullify the heating effect when the individual concentrates and meditates.

Where to Apply?
Tilak has to be applied at the sixth (Ajna) chakra, i.e. the space in between the eyebrows. Always apply Tilak at sunrise for Perfect peace. There are 13 places where Tilak can be applied on the body, But it is noble when applied on forehead (sensitive paint) as the head is the extreme part of the body and the brain is the main part of the body.

How to Apply?
  • We use fingers to apply Tilak.
  • Tilak needs to be applied always with the ring-finger and with the thumb also is very beneficial.
  • Little finger base is Mercury.
  • Ring Finger base is Sun and represents brilliance, respect, faith and firmness.
  • Middle Finger base is Saturn and is lifespan protector.
  • The Index Finger Base is Jupiter and represents immortality
  • Thumb Finger base is Venus and represents health, life force
  • Kasha (unbroken rice grains) with red cancan is also used as Tilak.
  • Women should always use the ring finger while applying Tilak or Bindi.

 Tilak Benefits:
  • Tilak is a gift of spiritual comfort. Tilak protects from demons, evil forces, bad luck and it will prevent the energy loss.
  • Tilak covers the space in between the eyebrows (Aajna chakra in yoga) i.e.  is the part of memory, thinking and gives spiritual energy and concentration
  • Red turmeric retains the energy in the human body, controls the concentration and negative energies are not entered.

Scientific Reasons:
  • Small organ the pituitary gland (master gland in human body) will be at the bottom of the brain. The pituitary gland secretes and produces the hormone that travels in the body.
  • The pituitary gland controls the biochemical processes.
  • The Anjan chakra is very sensitive so direct sunlight has to be avoided. Applying Tilak will make cool.
  • Tilak makes the pituitary gland more active.
  • Applying Tilak will make the individual open his third eye i.e. the great thoughts of mind.


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